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"History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme." Mark Twain

Greatly Exceeded my Expectations

I just want to say thank you to Dr. Pillai for sharing his knowledge with all of us. I feel especially grateful for the staff who work so devotedly to deliver his teachings, as well as provide excellent support, and my fellow students for sharing their encouraging stories. Not to mention, all the Divine for their unconditional love. This program has greatly exceeded my expectations so far, and I look forward to what lies ahead. Thank you! - Pattie H.

So Many Miracles

I am so grateful for this course. I love how beautifully it is set up. The meditations are so powerful. So many amazing miracles. Thank You Dr. Pillai, and teachers and staff. - Susan VL.

I've Had a Spiritual Awakening

Hi there, I don't usually post but wanted to say due to this program, I've had a spiritual awakening. Last week during the Shreem Brzee meditation, I asked Lakshmi to heal me. I have been trying to heal for a long time, but I never got this far! Thank you so much Dr. Pillai, I actually have a chance to live a beautiful life!!! Just wow! - Stephanie C.

An Amazing Journey

I am a masculine man who has never thought to have been sensitive or emotional and yet here I sit getting somewhat emotional as I reflect on what was, what is now and what is to be as I continue on this amazing journey! Shreem Brzee! - Eugene D.

Continuous Abundance

Grateful for the continuous abundance in all ways: love, good luck, health, finances, weather, friendships, higher frequencies, letting go & coming in. Grateful for SHREEM BRZEE. - Honu W.

The Best Gift Ever

Today was AMAZING! I've felt very blessed to be in this program, and have experienced many, many blessings; but this most recent initiation has been the best gift ever! Feels as if I've shifted out of some major timelines. So grateful. - Rina A

Lakshmi Shows Up

During Dr. Pillai’s initiation a "blond, big blue-eyes, non-human" royalty lady showed up in a pink/gold cloud as if "she" was wondering who was chanting/calling. I'm not sure which beings/galaxies are we connecting when chanting Shreem Brzee. One thing for sure is that they are not the image depicted in the Hindu mythology of Lakshmi. Nonetheless, I'm blessed! Thank You Dr. Pillai. - Maria B  


I feel the course has helped me to stress a lot less. I would say stress has been reduced by more than half! I have not had to go to the doctor, in the past six months. My debt will be all paid off by next month (so I'll have more money to spend). And, it seems much easier to make and keep money, and people are responding very positively (my students and families and companies are now hiring me for writing assignments!). Even though it's challenging to place a numerical value of improvement of my "overall abundance," I feel very blessed to have joined this program! And, hopefully I'm not too corny when I say that all of the magnificent events, and the friends I've made are "priceless!!!" - Stephanie B.

Unlocked Doors to Limitless Potential

Something is shifting inside me. Such a subtle shift with huge potential and I feel it now. I'm putting my attention in areas I've never explored before and that isn't always easy, as you know. I have put into practice the teachings of this program, though I have missed calls and don't do everything. This program and all the experiences I have had, has unlocked doors to limitless potential, and I am just beginning to peak through them. I have gained not only cash & prizes during Wealth Rising, but priceless insights that I will be exploring in new ways for many years to come. Sending my love and heartfelt gratitude to Dr Pillai today. - Cheryl J.

So Much Joy I Cannot Express It

This is my first experience with such a dedicated, selfless Guru. I feel that I have greatly benefited from it all. Yes, I have busted so much karma! Yes, my wealth keeps increasing! But more importantly, my connection to the divine is overflowing. So much joy and gratitude I cannot possibly express it Thank you everyone. I can feel your love and support. It is priceless. Shreem Brzee!"  

— Tina S.  

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