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The Gods Are Waking Up

The beginning of the Sun’s northern movement in Capricorn, called Uttarayana in Sanskrit, is the most important time for the renewal of the universe, not only the earth plane. 

 What happens during this time is, in the Heavens, it is the beginning of the day time. Six months of human time is only twelve hours of the day for the Gods. Their dawn time we call the Winter Solstice.

 What it means is, the Gods wake up and can do better things for us. This is not just mythology, it is really happening. They sleep too. It is a very special, auspicious time. 

 These six months beginning on the Winter Solstice is the time for starting new projects, new learning- to re-organize yourself, in general, to start a new life. 

 I personally look forward to the movement of the Sun into Capricorn.” 

— Dr. Pillai

Join Dr. Pillai’s Vedic Solstice Fire Lab Explained

Watch LIVE on January 14 at 8:30 pm PT

Participate in a sacred fire ceremony personally performed by Dr. Pillai, a living enlightened Master. Fire invocations are considered to be the most powerful spiritual technology on the planet to enlist angelic support for creating miracles. The ceremony will be conducted by Dr. Pillai during the highly auspicious Vedic Winter Solstice, a once-a-year powertime associated with initiating a new creation. Astrologically, it is when the Sun has entered Capricorn and is also known as Makar Sankranti in Sanskrit.

Dr. Pillai refers to this time as the “Spiritual New Year.'' He will impart in-the-moment teachings and lead you through an invocation of key Divine beings. You will have the opportunity to receive their blessings and empowerment (darshan) by gazing into fire, real-time during the ceremony. A Replay will be made available if you cannot attend the live viewing.


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