Tripura Auction

Welcome to the Tripura Foundation Auction!

"I have a great resolve in this lifetime. It is to see that I do everything within my reach to fulfill my mission, which is to end poverty from the face of the earth plane. I want you to help me accomplish this goal." 

~ Dr. Pillai 

At our request, Dr. Pillai has donated many of His personal items such as:

  • Drapes from the "Hall of Truth" in his San Diego home
  • Clothing he's worn
  • Dinnnerware he's used
  • Signed books
  • Altar items
  • And more

Other generous donors have given unique goods including art and jewelry to help Tripura reach our $100,000 fundraising goal needed to support our rapid expansion of TF programs this year.  

Every dollar you share will go towards bringing life-changing Phonemic Intelligence programs and hope to those experiencing the greatest suffering. 

Thank you to ALL the donors who have made this inspirational charity possible.

Enjoy browsing this rare collection of Dr. Pillai's personal items, spiritual art and unique goods.  

Please see details below for how to access and participate in this exciting online auction experience, or how to make a donation to Tripura Foundation.  

Auction Details

 >> Use this link to join the auction <<

Auction running time: Monday, July 23, 2018 8 a.m. to Friday, July 27, 2018 06:30 p.m.(PDT)  

Auction terms: Read item descriptions carefully.  

Some items are available for local pick-up ONLY. All other items will be shipped to the winning bidder. The bidder is 100% responsible for the total shipping costs. Dr. Pillai's personal items are used and show signs of wear. Please note that shipping costs will be charged in a separate invoice once the destination location is determined. All shipped items will be sent within 7 business days of receipt of the shipping cost.  

Please contact the auction organizer at the following email to confirm your shipping information and fee: If you do not confirm your address within 3 business days of the auction closing, your item will be shipped to the address entered upon registration and your credit card will be charged for the total shipping cost.  

All bids are final and non-negotiable.  

How to register to bid or donate: To place bids on auction items or to make a donation, you will need to register for a bidder account. Click the “Register to Bid” link on the auction page to quickly create a bidder account and start bidding.  

Pre-register a credit card: The system will require you to enter your credit card details before you place your first bid. You will only need to enter your credit card once and will ONLY be charged if you’re the winning bidder. All credit cards will be securely stored.  

What is a bid? A bid is an offer amount you are willing to make for an item in the auction.  

How to place a bid: When you visit the auction link and see an item on which you would like to bid, click on the “Bid Now” button. Enter the relevant information and click “Place Bid.”  

What are bid increments? Bid increments are the value at which bids rise in an auction. You will see the minimum value you will need to enter according to the bid increment specifications when you place your bid. Please see below for our bid increments:  

From to Increment:

Outbid Notifications: When you are outbid, you will receive a text message and an email notification with a link directly back to the item so you can update your bid. How will I know if I am winning an item? Log into your bidder account and click on "My Bid history" in the left navigation to see all the items you are currently winning, have placed bids on or are watching. How will I know if I won an item? When you win an auction item, we will notify you by email for each item you won. Shortly after the winning notification email, you will receive a second email that will contain a link to view your invoice/paid receipt. When you click the link within the email, it will bring you to your bidder account. From there you can view the invoice. You can also go directly to the main dashboard of your bidder account. From the "My Bid History" page, scroll down until you see the "Invoices Received" section. This section will list all the invoices you have received throughout the lifetime of your account. What is a “Buy it Now” item and how does it work? Some items may have a “Buy Now” price to purchase the item outright. This will bypass the bidding process and guarantee you will win the item. The buy it now price is fixed and non-negotiable. What is “Popcorn bidding”? Popcorn bidding simulates a live auction. Any bid placed within the last 5 minutes of the auction closing will reset the countdown clock to the 5 minute mark and begin the count down again. The item will finally close when no bids are placed in the last 5 minutes.*Please note this feature is enabled for the statue of Dr. Pillai. How to make a donation: At any time, you can bypass the auction to make a direct donation to Tripura Foundation. While you can do this on the Charity Auction website, making your donation directly through your Tripura account on helps assure that all of your donation goes to Tripura without any fees. What to expect when the auction closes: All winning bidders’ credit cards will be automatically charged when the auction closes and will receive an invoice/paid receipt via email/text. There will be no option to change your payment method, so it is important to enter the correct credit card details when registering to place your first bid.