Remove negative karma from your life and learn how you can manifest your thoughts into reality

“Everything is karma. It’s not an accident that you are here at this place. It was decided long before you came here. You are just a victim in the hands of karma. Whether you make money, or you don’t make money, whether you are healthy or sick, whether your relationship works, or it doesn’t work – all these things are not accidental. They are just the karmic unfolding of what you were supposed to do in this lifetime.” ​​

The masculine archetype Shiva is known as the Supreme Being in southern Tamil tradition, where Dr. Pillai’s teachings originate from. Shiva is a powerful archetype who creates, protects, and transforms the universe. He can remove the influence of evil planets, fear of evil power, and accidental death and diseases.

Shiva is regarded as a great teacher (Guru), and a supporter of yoga, meditation, and the arts. He has the power to destroy the ego, illusion (Maya), and karma, which creates a separation between the consciousness of humans and God. Shiva helps to dissolve all the negativity that holds you back from recognizing your true potential, and nothing matters more to Shiva than enlightenment.

Worshiping Shiva, especially during the Great Night of Shiva, can bless you both 100% materially and 100% spiritually. Dr. Pillai calls this the 200% life.

The Great Night of Shiva, or Maha Shivaratri, is the most powerful night of the year to remove deeply rooted karmic issues. Maha Shivaratri is an opportunity to call upon Shiva for prosperity, the fulfillment of wishes, and the removal of sins, disease and debts.

Every month, the Moon enters the 14th Waning Moon phase, and that evening is called Shivaratri. The special Shivaratri called Maha Shivaratri occurs during the 14th Waning Moon when the Sun is in Aquarius in the sidereal Zodiac, which is in the mid-February to mid-March period. ​This is the very best time to take this course, but great benefits can be received at any time of the year.



Shiva is known as the destroyer of evil and the transformer of life. The Archetype of Enlightenment IS the unchanging consciousness of humans, often referred to as ​the soul​.

You should take The Glory of Shiva course if you desire​:

Blessings of enlightenment and a prosperous life free of debts and diseases

The potential to be awakened to your higher consciousness

Permanent access to God Consciousness, so every day can be Shivaratri for you

Movement beyond your mind, ego, and body identity

The realization that we ourselves are Shiva (God)

Relief from ego, illusion, and negative karma

The Glory of Shiva Course

In this course, you are introduced to Dr. Pillai’s teachings on removing negative karma, which are the limitations, obstacles, and difficulties that you experience in your life.

When you enroll, you will receive:

Lectures about Shiva and Removing Negative Karmic Energy

Dr. Pillai focuses on how karma can be a limiting factor in our lives. He also takes you through a meditative journey with a sacred text. You will have access to audio, video, and text files that can help you mold yourself in Shiva’s image by pursuing and valuing enlightenment above all.

Powerful Meditations and Mantras

Focus on these meditations and mantras to diffuse your karma and remove the limitations, blockages, and obstacles that are holding you back. Listen or chant along with Dr. Pillai as he helps you achieve self-awareness.

Daily Practice Routine

Spend some time every day to build an established connection with Shiva. Dr. Pillai provides three suggested practice options to help you connect with Shiva daily.

Bonus Resources with Additional Meditations and Mantras

Access to supplementary information, meditation, and mantras provided by Dr. Pillai will give you an additional opportunity to further your journey to enlightenment.

Instructions for Building a Sacred Altar

You will learn how to build a sacred altar to create a relationship with Shiva. Sacred altars can help us show love and generosity through tangible offerings. These are the places where we can make gestures of recognition and devotion to the Archetypes.

Instructions for At-Home Hydration Prayer Rituals

You will be instructed on how to create and perform detailed Hydration Prayer sessions and which flowers, foods, and liquids to use as offerings to Shiva.

Lifetime Access

24/7 access to our membership site where you can easily find all of your course audio, video, and text materials in one convenient location.

Lifetime Support

If you have any questions at all, the Pillai Center Academy will always be here to assist you.