The Supreme Destroyer of Evil

Invoke Blessings for Victory, Protection, & Prosperity


Narasimha: The Supreme Destroyer of Evil

Invoke Blessings for Victory, Protection, & Prosperity

Who Is Narasimha?

“Narasimha appears as fire; he’s half-lion, half-human, a very frightening look, even the God of Death is afraid of him, and if you pray to him, he will protect you.”

Understand the Necessity of Narasimha during This Time of Godlessness

Narasimha is the Avatar of Vishnu with the lion’s face and claws, with which he destroyed this demon who denied God. The denial of God is the problem. So, that is how you have to understand the necessity of Narasimha during this time. 

We are living in a Godless, soulless world. It is very difficult to relate to God. That's why in many of my teachings I just want to talk to people in realistic terms of fulfilling their material needs so that once they are satisfied with that, they can go to God. When we are hungry, we cannot talk about God.”

Narasimha Can Solve Any Intense Problem

“Narasimha is an archetype that can be called upon anytime – not only for fixing one’s beauty, but also any intense problem. I know instances where somebody was going to have a stroke, and then felt very weak, and Narasimha’s chant did a lot of good for that person, and he confessed it to me. I have had anecdotes like this from a lot of people, and there are problems for which we find no solutions.

Narasimha is a Compassionate Being Who Can Remove Pain & Suffering

“Narasimha is a very powerful form of Vishnu who will help you with so many things, like get rid of your diseases, get rid of your debts, get rid of all kinds of problems, pain and suffering. He is a very compassionate being

The message for you is: go to Narasimha when you have an insurmountable problem, whether it is health or debts or any other problem. All problems will be solved by Narasimha.”


Program Overview

On-Demand Narasimha Sacred Theater during Special Powertimes

Pillai Center Teacher Gina hosted 3 days of Sacred Theater sessions, during which you can engage in a theatrical re-enactment to embody Narasimha’s living mythology and destroy demons. This reenactment has the power to change your consciousness.

During the re-enactment, you will play the role of Narasimha in his lion-headed form as he slays your inner and outer demons.

The Sacred Theater took place during 3 special powertimes:

May 30 - Ekadasi: 11th Moon powertime for Vishnu (for prosperity & material comforts)

May 31 - Swati star: Narasimha's birth star starts (for enlightenment and liberation)

June 1 - Swati star and Pradosham (13th moon): double powertime for Narasimha to help remove karma and destroy negativity

NEW Done-for-You Individual Narasimha Fire Lab at Dr. Pillai’s India Remedy Center

Fire technology has long been considered the most powerful way to connect with Divine archetypes. Dr. Pillai coined the term “Fire Lab” to emphasize this Divine technology's participatory and experimental nature. He teaches that rituals are more powerful than meditation.

According to scriptures, performing this homa (Fire Lab) to invoke Narasimha can fulfill all your desires, destroy negative forces and grant health, wealth and prosperity. Propitiating him in this powerful homa can protect you from accidents, and diseases and bring relief from planetary afflictions.

Our expert priests will be invoking Narasimha as prescribed in the scriptures. The homa time will be chosen after analyzing your birth chart. Our astrologers ensure the ceremony is scheduled at an auspicious time depending on your needs. During special needs, along with an auspicious time, specific Horas (hours) will also be considered to perform the homa.

Individual fire labs are performed solely on your behalf so that the divine energy invoked during the ceremony can be directed toward you.

Dr. Pillai’s On-Demand Narasimha Birthday Initiation

“Gods and Goddesses belong to a different realm. They are there, and there are times when you can access them. Narasimha said: ‘I will come at a time which is neither day nor dark, the twilight time.’ That is the time that he would appear because that is the time that he could kill the demon… 

This is a great occasion on this day, that is the Jayanti (birthday), that we are able to spend some time talking about Narasimha. So we are very grateful to Narasimha for helping us to remember him on this day. It means a lot to me and also to everyone who is open to it – we can benefit a lot, both spiritually and materially through this worship."

— Dr. Pillai


7-Days of Narasimha Mini-Fire Labs, Meditation, & Chanting

Hosted by Pillai Center Teachers

Now Available On-Demand

Ready your body, mind and spirit for Dr. Pillai’s Initiation and heighten your receptivity to Narasimha’s energy and blessings. Pillai Center teachers will perform 7 days of mini-fire labs, an elemental technology that can help you quickly materialize formless thoughts, prayers, and mantras into tangible circumstances, experiences, and objects.

“The object of the Fire Ritual is to bring the power of the sound to three-dimensional form.”

— Dr. Pillai

What People Are Saying

As always, a million thanks to dearest Babaji for another totally awesome initiation! Profound experience when I felt Narasimha getting into my body -got shivers all over…!


IT was soooo beautiful, really felt Narasimha around and INSIDE.


I have had some positive movement toward a solution to a difficult issue. A big step happened on Friday.


I was on the floor last week feeling lost after being jobless for 3 months. The moment I chanted Narasimha’s mantra I felt the negativity disappear and I got through the day and week.


I have been praying for more energy, and release from lethargy. This morning I had so much energy and accomplished so much. Thank you, Lord Narasimha.


I was never attracted to Lord Narasimha before but now I love him, he has melted my heart. He is so loving.


All the program with Narasimha is special and different than others : it's a special Beauty and Love that is immersing all of us and everything! Such beauty/love is dissolving the evil energies, the weaknesses, etc... Low energies simply can't stand with Vishnu's/Lakshmi's energy! This is my experience at least.

Deep Gratitude to Lord Vishnu in all His forms!


Choose Your Participation

Narasimha Birthday Initiation


  • Dr. Pillai’s On-Demand Narasimha Birthday Initiation
  • COMPLIMENTARY BONUS: 7-Day Narasimha Fire Lab + Meditation Series | On-Demand

Price = $79


Narasimha Sacred Theater


  • 3 Powertime Sacred Theater Group Sessions hosted by Gina (Lakshmi) |On-Demand

Price = $76

Narasimha Sacred Theater


  • 3 Powertime Sacred Theater Group Sessions hosted by Gina (Lakshmi) |On-Demand
  • NEW Done-for-You Individual Narasimha Fire Lab at Dr. Pillai’s India Remedy Center

Price = $200

Personalized Payment Plan

Price = $73/month (for 3 months)