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Realize Your Spiritual and Material Goals in 2023

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Decoding the Quantum Realm

Quantum Physics of Negativity

Join a guided workshop to decode your true nature of negativity and positivity and how it impacts your ability to manifest.

Quantum Mind Belief System

Change your belief system from the Quantum Mind. “I own everything” and “I create everything” is a Quantum Reality in which you can step into.

Quantum Thinking

Practice Dr. Pillai’s technique on thinking from the 3rd eye (pineal gland). The 3rd eye itself has to think to perceive all possibilities.

Quantum Creating in the New Year

Bring all of Dr. Pillai’s recent Quantum Reality teachings together in order to fully commit and transform your life in 2023.


Prepare to Quantumize Shreem Brzee

with Dr. Pillai

  • What does it mean to bring a sound to the quantum level? Dr. Pillai will give new teachings on the Shreem Brzee mantra

Christmas Blessing - Love Conquers All

with Dr. Pillai

"Love alone will conquer the world in the Golden Age. You have to learn to love one another unconditionally.” - Dr. Pillai

  • Unconditional Love
  • How compassion can lead to passion
  • God will give you the gift of passion and motivation through love

FREE Christmas Fire Lab for Christ Consciousness

with Priestess Swamini Valli

Gather with people around the world to ask for blessings for Christ consciousness through fire technology. 

Dr. Pillai has said, “I want you to have Christ consciousness.”  You are warmly invited to join Priestess Swamini Valli and other students from around the world as we gather around the fire on Christmas Day to invoke the grace and blessings of Christ's consciousness through the powerful spiritual technology that is the Fire Lab.

Goal-Setting for 2023

Free Interactive 6-Day Series

Join 20+ year Pillai Center teacher, Sucharita, to participate in a 6-day "Goal Setting for 2023" series.

  • Participate in live discussions on targeted daily topics
  • Get real-time answers to your personal questions
  • Receive guidance on how to gain clarity and insights about your goals and how to reach them
  • Discover solutions to challenges to make the best out of all areas of life in 2023
  • Learn about Dr. Pillai’s New Year Program and how it can help you build upon the momentum of your goals


Harmonious Relationships


Clarity of Mind and Emotional Balance


Creative Energy and Willpower


Finances & Career


Spiritual Evolution and Compassion


Material Comforts and Health


Quantum Thinking: Create Your Future in 2023

with Dr. Pillai

Join Dr. Pillai for a practical, hands-on session in using Quantum Thinking to create your future in 2023. Learn key teachings and techniques from 3 key modules of Quantum Thinking that you can use to change your life now. Open yourself up to all possibilities that are simultaneously available.

  • Quantum physics of negativity and positivity. Are you negative or positive?
  • Changing your belief system from the Quantum Mind. “I own everything” is a Quantum Reality
  • Quantum thinking from the 3rd eye, or pineal gland. The 3rd eye itself has to think to perceive all possibilities.

Quantum Super Intelligence

with Dr. Pillai

  • Science of Quantum Super Intelligence
  • Activate your entire brain and succeed
  • Genius Adults and Genius Teens
  • Next-Generation PI Programs

NEW Shreem Brzee Revelations + Karma Jumping

with Dr. Pillai

  • Shreem Brzee revelations for 2023
  • Upgrade your consciousness for the new year
  • How astrology influences your thoughts and actions
  • Techniques to bypass karmic patterns

"Create Your 2023" Workshop

with Lakshmi and Guests

Join a special workshop hosted by Lakshmi with special Pillai Center guests to help you craft goals and learn techniques for manifesting a powerful new year. 

Learn about:

  • Manifesting Money, Love, and Enlightenment
  • Effective Goal Setting


Upcoming Programs and Events to Help You Prepare for Powerful Personal Evolution in 2023

Pillai Center is creating events, services, and programs to support you on your journey to spiritual enlightenment and help you manifest your goals in 2023. In the coming weeks, we will introduce:

Money, Love, & Enlightenment Experience

LIVE 2023 Initiations with Dr. Pillai

New Personalized Fire Labs in January

New Done-For-You Spiritual Remedies

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