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The Culmination of the Ultimate Goddess Powertime

While the Goddess is considered the ultimate worship, and Navaratri the ultimate time each year to perform it, Dr. Pillai has chosen just one of the available days to deliver a live initiation. That day is the tenth and final day, which is the culmination of the entire Nine Nights of the Goddess called the Day of Victory.

Dr. Pillai explains:

“The nine nights represent the fight between the Goddess and the evil forces. Every day she is slicing the heads of the demons and then the tenth night is the Night of Victory, Jaya. It is the climax that represents the Goddesses’ victory over evil.” 

The live initiation also represents the culmination of Dr. Pillai’s new Return of the Goddess Program. Dr. Pillai intends on delivering in-the-moment, Goddess inspired teachings along with performing a Fire Lab to personally invoke special Goddesses to come and bless everyone with victory in key areas of life.

Day of Victory Mythology and Significance

While the first Nine Nights of Navaratri are more about fighting and overcoming negative forces, the auspicious tenth day known as Vijaya Dasami is about enjoying the shakti, or power of victory. According to scriptures, it was on this day the Great Goddess Durga reigned victorious over the invincible buffalo demon whom no God could handle, and when Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Vishnu, gained the final victory over the unstoppable demon-king, Ravana, after days of fighting. It is also when the great saint, Shirdi Sai Baba, chose to take his Maha Samadhi. 

This could be considered the most powerful time to enjoy Dr. Pillai’s darshan and receive initiation as it is when you can finally enjoy the victory over the chronic negative karma you have been fighting against.

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