New Month 1 Membership Option

Starts with Dr. Pillai's Full

Moon of the Guru LIVE Initiation

“It is Divine intention that the next Mystery School will be filled with Divine energy to transform the participants to end ignorance and obtain enlightenment.” — Dr. Pillai

If you are not able to join the yearlong Mystery School program but would like to join Dr. Pillai for the Full Moon of the Guru and Month 1 Teachings, there are 2 NEW Month I only Memberships available.


Full Moon of the Guru Initiation with Dr. Pillai (Replay)

The Full Moon of the Guru is considered the most powerful day of the year to be in the presence of the Guru, either physically or virtually. The Moon is extremely powerful. It affects your brain in a significant way to give you greater intelligence. The Yogis acquire Siddhi powers on this day. This happens because of the Angels and Ascended Masters (Gurus) coming down into this Earth plane during this time.

*Available in Level I & II

Live Teaching and Empowerment with Dr. Pillai, July 23 (Replay)

Dr. Pillai will deliver Mystery School Module 1 teachings during which you will also receive “darshan,” a powerful sacred energy transmission from the Guru to the student.

Module I: Creating the Divine Mind Using the Science of Delimitation

Understanding and transferring thoughts is the primary goal of the Divine Mind vs. Human Mind – Mystery School teaching. 

  • Activate the physical brain – its different parts and functionalities as well as the subtle brains (many of them) and how they work conjointly with the physical brain.
  • Creating the Divine mind is a joyful exercise.
  • Creating the Divine Mind through transforming genes, hormones, codons, amino acids, neurotransmitters, and synaptic mechanisms.
  • Evolve your biology as well as your psychology.
  • You can have the human mind within the Divine Mind through psychological mechanisms.
  • Divisions of time which cannot be conceived of by the human mind.

*Available in Level II

Weekly Mastery Workshops & Meditation with Teachers

Dr. Pillai created weekly Mastery Workshop topics on God, Relationships and Entrepreneurship during a Divine state. He is blessing his senior students to teach these workshops on his behalf. Along with the workshop, there will be a guided group meditation to harness the power of a virtual conscious community vortex.

*Available in Level I & II

Karma Clearing Remedies

Powerful karma-clearing technologies will be performed on your behalf at Dr. Pillai’s temple in India to support you during Mystery School and beyond.

  • 14th Moon Obstacle Smashing (performed twice)
  • 9 Planet Fire Lab
  • Full Moon Wealth Archetype Fire Lab
  • 13th Moon Karma Removal
  • 8th Moon Timeline Jumping - Food Feeding for Dogs
  • New Moon Ancestor Offering
  • New Moon Karuppasamy Fire Lab

*Available in Level II

Bonus: Interactive Fire Lab & Chanting

All Mystery School Month 1 Members will be included in a LIVE Full Moon Fire Lab with Priest Premaraja as a complimentary gift.  Your name will be read out loud during the fire lab to invoke your energetic presence so the benefits can reach you, even if you do not attend live. 


Month 1: Level I

  • Full Moon of the Guru Initiation with Dr. Pillai (Replay)
  • 1 Mastery Workshop (God) & Meditation session with Teachers (Replay)

Price = $245

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Month 1: Level II

  • Full Moon of the Guru Initiation with Dr. Pillai (Replay)
  • Teaching Empowerment Session with Dr. Pillai (Replay)
  • 1 Mastery Workshop (God, Relationship, Entrepreneurship) & Meditation sessions with Teachers
  • 2 Mastery Workshops (God, Relationship, Entrepreneurship) & Meditation sessions with Teachers (Replay)
  • Powerspot Remedies

Price = $495