Prepare for Ganesha’s Birthday on August 30

21 Days of Ganesha Teachings & Meditation

2 Live Teachings with Dr. Pillai

7 Days of Live Chanting 


“It is important to welcome Ganesha on his birthday and establish a connection with him, especially during this time of crisis for the entire world.” Dr. Pillai 

Calendar of Events

Ganesha’s birthday is considered to be the most significant archetypal birthday of the year. These events were created to help prepare you to make the most of this precious time of obstacle removal, karma cleansing, and new beginnings of all kinds.

21 Days of Ganesha Teachings & Meditation

August 9 - 29 at 8:00 am PDT | 3:00 pm UTC | 8:30 pm IST

We will be livestreaming teachings and meditations from Dr. Pillai every day from August 9-29 to connect with Ganesha’s obstacle-removing energy in the 21 days before his birthday. Forming a strong relationship with Ganesha can help you change your karma, overcome obstacles of all kinds, and enjoy new beginnings in various areas of your life.

Join Us on YouTube at the Pillai Center channel or the Pillai Center Practice channel.


2 Live Teachings with Dr. Pillai 

August 14 & 21 at 9:00 am PDT | 4:00 pm UTC | 9:30 pm IST

Join Dr. Pillai for in-the-moment teachings and revelations about the elephant-headed obstacle remover Ganesha, as we prepare for his birthday. These free sessions will help you get ready for Dr. Pillai’s special initiation on Ganesha’s birthday. 

7 Days of Live Chanting and Meditation

August 23-29 at 6:30 pm PDT | August 24-30 at 1:30 am UTC | 7:00 am IST

A Pillai Center Teacher will host a week of Live Ganesha meditation and chanting sessions in the lead-up to Ganesha’s birthday. Meditating in a group setting can increase the benefits for all who participate, which means more obstacle smashing, karma clearing, and new beginnings for everyone who attends these powerful sessions!

Other Ways to Participate

“The birthday of Ganesha is a time to remember him as a God coming to help us with intelligence and technologies. I want you to take advantage of the very special time of his birthday because it is the day he showers blessings on people who come to him. I want everyone to participate in it and solve problems that aren’t able to be solved humanly.” Dr. Pillai

3-Day Grand Event for Ganesha’s Birthday

You are warmly invited to participate in our 3-Day Grand Event for Ganesha’s Birthday, during which our expert Vedic priests will invoke 16 supreme forms of Ganesha in 237 ways on your behalf to welcome his blessings for obstacle removal, karma cleansing, prosperity, success, and new beginnings of all kinds. Click the button below to learn more and choose the remedy package or components that most call to you.


Ganesha’s 2022 Birthday Initiation

Join Dr. Pillai’s Ganesha Initiation to celebrate and honor Ganesha, the supreme Divine being who embodies superintelligence and unconditional compassion. Dr. Pillai will help you understand the invisible and visible forms of Ganesha, awaken his forms inside and outside the body, and provide revolutionary methodologies for establishing a strong connection with Ganesha to harness his powerful blessings of intelligence, compassion, instantaneous manifestation, and supernatural problem-solving.