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Resolve Chronic Problems & Gain Lasting Fullfillment in All Areas of Life

Participate in Powerspot Ceremonies Performed by Experts Who Specialize in Ancestral Offerings

Sept. 2 - 16, 2020 (US Timezones)

“There is a gift-giving time from the ancestors to their descendants living on this earth plane. The ancestors who passed from the earth and living in another plane are invoked to give abundant blessings. This two-week period is very critical for you, for everyone. Even the enlightened yogis and rishis wait for this time, which comes only once a year, to get blessings from their own ancestors.” Dr. Pillai

The Power of Your Pitrus

Your Pitrus are your Exalted Ancestors who have attained a high degree of evolution. Everyone has Pitru ancestors. According to the Siddhas, gaining their blessings is crucial to overcoming chronic problems and creating fulfillment in all areas of your life, and Mahalaya is the most critical time of year to appease them. They are believed to wield greater influence over your life than even that of the Deities, including their power to protect and bless you.  

According to the chief of the Siddhas, Agastya, through the Agastya Siddha, Venkataraman, it is only because of the blessings of your Pitrus that you are able to experience any happiness in life. Even to get the grace of a True Guru (Satguru), he teaches, is because of the painstaking prayers of your Pitrus. Why is this significant? Because according to the Siddhas, it is only through a True Guru that one can reap the full rewards of working with mantras, meditation, Archetypes, and attain ultimate liberation. This is all made possible by your Pitrus.

Mahalaya Is the Most Important Pitru Powertime

“It may be metaphysical and esoteric. But I can guarantee if you do [the right thing] during this time period, you will be able to change almost all areas of your life, including your finance, your relationship, your health, and your enlightenment.”

Dr. Pillai

Mahalaya is also called Pitru Paksha, which means the fortnight (approximately two weeks) of Pitrus. According to Agastya, this is the time when millions of Pitrus descend into the earthplane to give special blessings to their living lineage. However, he teaches that in order to assimilate all their blessings, one must do tarpanam and othe Pitru worship procedures during this 15-day period. The Siddhas say that it is a rule that whoever does specific worship procedures over the full 15 day period will be given solutions to overcome even the worst of their problems. Further, they teach that any of these ancestral worship procedures performed during Mahalaya can yield a multifold increase in benefits.

Why Specialist Priests Should Perform the Tarpanam

“It’s important that you have a specialist priest do this ceremony for you, (for) your ancestors. The priests who are engaged in doing these rituals are very, very capable of satisfying your ancestors whom they call to this earth plane, and then address your problems. It is an elaborate process and not many priests are trained in that. Only some of them are gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience, and the training in the specialized rituals.”

Dr. Pillai

Performing Tarpanam for your Pitrus is one of two of the most effective ways of honoring them during Mahalaya, in addition to providing for the poor and needy. As Dr. Pillai teaches, while performing Tarpanam on your own is vital, you should have a specialist perform as well. Our specialists are lineage priests who have the power to work with ancestors embedded within their genetics. They will be performing Tarpanam on the behalf of sponsors as prescribed by sacred tradition, including all the elaborate ceremonial procedures, and at specific ancestor powerspot in Kerala, India.

The Benefits Associated with Each Moon Phase of Mahalaya

According to tradition, in addition to deep karmic cleansing, performing the prescribed ancestor offerings during each moon phase of Mahalaya offers a unique blessing that you can receive from your Pitrus. They include:

1st Moon - Gives Wealth

2nd Moon - Grants the Continuation of Lineage

3rd Moon - Gives Business Prosperity

4th Moon - Blesses with Intelligence

5th Moon - Grants All over Prosperity

6th Moon - Grants a Solid Reputation

7th Moon - Secures Inner Strength and Spirituality

8th Moon - Blesses with Intelligence

9th Moon - Open Up to Receive Support from Women

10th Moon - Grants Success in Your Profession

11th Moon - Grants Children Prosperity and Intelligence

12th Moon - For Continuation of Lineage and Success from Education

13th & 14th Moon - Blessed with many Vehicles, Peace and Longevity

New Moon - If you miss any of the above days, performing Tarpanam on the New Moon is believed to be vital. It is considered the most important and most impactful of all the Moon phases of Mahalaya. During this day, your known and unknown ancestors that have departed during the last 30 years are treated equal to God. It is also an essential day for doing Tarpanam for those who died due to weapons or accidents.

Help Your Entire Deceased and Living Lineage

The Siddhas teach that each one of us represents our living and deceased relatives. All the good that we do to uplift ourselves and others has a major impact on our entire lineage. Of these actions, observing Mahalaya is among the most profound. In doing so, you can help bring immense blessings to your family and deceased ancestors who may be suffering due to bad karma. It is through their bad karma that you have to also suffer as well. Join these ceremonies targeted to cleanse this ancestral karma and bring lasting relief for life success.

Targeted Ceremonies for Mahalaya 2020



  • Group Tarpanam on New Moon Day in Kerala
  • Donation of clothes to one needy person

Targeted Ceremony Packages for Mahalaya 2020 Explained

US $42

Mahalaya Essential Package

  • Group Tarpanam on New Moon Day in Kerala
  • Donation of clothes to one needy person

Gaining the blessings of your Pitrus is key to overcoming chronic problems and creating fullfilment in all areas of your life, and Mahalaya is the most critical time of year to appease them. This group tarpanam will be performed by a lineage priest who specializes in ancestral offerings, at an ancestral powerspot in Kerala. It will be offered to bring the unique blessings of the moon phases to yourself and your lineage. We will also be giving food and clothing to those in need on your behalf. According to scriptures, this selfless service of helping others brings the blessings of your Pitrus.

US $42


* We will not ship any Prasad after the Tarpanam, as it is generally considered inauspicious to possess the Prasad.