My Lord's Prayer: Jesus in His Own Words

A 6-Week Immersion into Jesus’ Aramaic Teachings and Power Sounds


“There is no comparison of what Jesus said in his own language, Aramaic. The language itself is so spiritual, just listening to it you can get the Holy Spirit.” — Dr. Pillai

Using Jesus’ original words in Aramaic is the most potent way to pray. This course is designed to anoint you into their sacred power.

Dr. Pillai echoes the mystics in teaching that the Bible has sacred power. It is also called the Word of God in honor of this sacred power which is attributed to its Divine origin. Even today, many are reporting miracles from reading, listening, and speaking it. However, of the different versions of the Bible, it is believed none compare to the original Aramaic teachings as Aramaic is the language spoken by Jesus himself. Because of this, it is said to contain the purest, most potent form of the Word that is so sacred, just listening to it will give you the power of the Holy Spirit according to Dr. Pillai.

In this highly requested course unlike anything else, you can receive anointing into the sacred power of the Aramaic teachings of Jesus for an opportunity to receive the following benefits:

  • The experiential significance of speaking in Jesus’ original words
  • Power sounds to call upon Jesus
  • The mystical meanings of the original “Lord’s Prayer” in Aramaic
  • A guided experience of a 4-step method of deep contemplation upon the key words and phrases in each line of the Aramaic Prayer to experience and embody their unique and Divine states of consciousness and receive revelations.
  • Daily practice techniques for using the Aramaic Prayer as a creative principle in your daily waking life, and in your dream life
  • How to perform the communion ritual to experience union with Jesus
  • Anointing with the Holy Spirit
  • And more

Dr. Pillai is a mystic and scholar with a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Pittsburgh who has been experiencing Divine encounters from a very young age. He has dedicated the majority of his life, over 50 years, to empower millions of people across the world with the essence of the sacred teachings embedded within all religions. Recently, he has been guided by Jesus and the Holy Spirit to revive their original teachings and deliver their Living Word to the public through his global church, Religion of Religions. Religion of Religions is a multi-faith forum whose mission is to bring forth the essence embedded within all religions of the world.

The teachings in this program will be delivered by the first pastor of his Religion of Religions Church and Master Pillai Center Teacher, Elaine Kueper (Mohini), whom Dr. Pillai has anointed to impart initiations on his behalf. Elaine holds a BA in Religious Studies from the University of Iowa and specialized in phonology in her preparation for Master’s Coursework in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Minnesota.

Knowledge vs. Experience

“It is easy to become a Christian but very difficult to become a Christ.” — Dr. Pillai

Growing up, or in your search to deepen your experience of God, you may have been drawn to the teachings of Christianity. You may have read the Bible, prayed regularly, or even gone to church every Sunday, but although you are passionate and sincere, you have not yet been able to enjoy the intimate relationship with Jesus that you desire.

Learning how to pray like Jesus, using the exact words he used, is the missing key. Unfortunately, this education is not commonly available. Even more, learning the words intellectually is one thing, but receiving the words as the Living Words of Christ through an anointed messenger is another. It could be the sacred anointing your soul yearns for to have a direct experience with God.

Gain the Power to Create with the Aramaic Word

Dr. Pillai Explains More about the Course

“In the Bible, it says God created everything with the Word. I have done a lot of research on this from the mystical, philosophical, theological points of view, and also really hard science with Harvard scientists. I began to understand that God did create this world through his Word. Now Michio Kaku, who is the founder of the String Field Theory says that the world was created through ‘sounds.’

What are those sounds? These are the sounds from the Aramaic language that Jesus spoke. He used these sounds in his prayer to God. Will these sounds work if we use them in English? They will work. I would not say you should give up the My Lord's Prayer as you know it in English, but in my opinion and understanding, it will work maybe 20%. If you want the full benefit, you have to pray what Jesus prayed - you have to go to Aramaic and learn the sounds. That is what you are going to do.”

- Dr. Pillai

People from Around the World Testify

Read Experiences of Dr. Pillai’s Teachings on Jesus and the Holy Spirit

“The Image of Jesus Appeared”

“The image of Jesus on the Cross appeared in my inner vision while I cried from the force of Kundalini cleansing me, as I surrendered to God. A profound thank you to Dr. Pillai.”

— Anastasia

“Felt Much Closer to Jesus in Aramaic”

“I have felt much closer to Jesus in Aramaic, to imagine and relate to him, and make the effort to behave like him. Thank you so much.”

— Maria

“I Was Crying from the Beginning”

“I was crying from the beginning. I felt tingling in my hands, the cold all over my body, and much more in my gut. As I was reciting the prayer, I was like detached from myself and listening to me reciting in Aramaic! My body did not want to move, only my hand chakras were turning like wheels. I could feel that strongly. Thank you, Dr. Pillai.”

— Zobida

“I Could Feel a Whirlwind of Energy”

“I am so very whole body has been filled with Jesus’ blood and body. I could feel a whirlwind of energy circling my hands and entering my being. All I could do is cry and feel profound gratitude.”

— Martha

“Electricity Flowing Through My Body”

“I had the experience of electricity flowing through my body. Later at night, I felt a cold breeze entering me through my third eye, and every time I meditate cold air envelopes me. Since Dr. Pillai first asked us to pray to the Holy Spirit and started preparing us for anointment, cold air is always present around me and whatever I wish or even think is fulfilled.

— Mitali

“I Experienced Jesus for the First Time”

“For the very first time in my life, I experienced the real Jesus who was so unlike my fearful imaginings. This has been a transformative experience.”

— Heramba

Experience a 6-Week Immersion into the Power Words of Jesus

Enroll today to give yourself the opportunity of a lifetime to experience the mystical presence and potency of the Living Word of Jesus in his original Aramaic words.

What You Receive

6 Guided Interactive Sessions

These sessions will be guided by Elaine Kueper, whom Dr. Pillai has anointed to impart initiations on his behalf. 

Week 1
Teaching Session 1 - Invite Jesus to Teach You His Aramaic Prayer

Week 2

Teaching Session 2 - Birthing Heaven on Earth

Week 3
Teaching Session 3 - Sustaining Our Heavenly Bodies / Nurturing our Life Force through Forgiveness

Week 4

Teaching Session 4 - Ending the Delusion of Surface Appearances / Loosening the Hold of “Unripeness”

Week 5

Teaching Session 5 - Praising and Affirming God’s Power through Song

Week 6

Teaching Session 6 - Praising and Affirming God’s Power the Full Prayer Experience

Each session will teach a progressive and deepening experience of the following components:

  • Invocation and personal experience of the Holy Spirit
  • Communion ritual for union with Jesus
  • Teaching on the inner meaning of the individual lines of the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer
  • Learning to pronounce the individual lines and phrases of the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer
  • A special 4-step method of contemplation on the sacred sounds and inner meaning of key words and phrases in individual lines of the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer
  • Guidelines for the most powerful prayer experience with the Aramaic Prayer
  • Daily practice tips using downloadable audios for home practice 
  • How to embody and apply the teachings of the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer to our lives for daily transformation

Do-It-Yourself Daily Practice Guidelines

You will receive detailed instructions to perform sacred prayer and ritual at-home that will be part of your recommended daily practice. 

Downloadable Contemplation and Power Sound Audios, And Session Transcripts

To help you with your at-home study, you will receive audios of the Aramaic prayers you will be learning in the program, as well as the meditation practices to use them at a deeper level. In addition, you will receive the transcripts for each session for you to more easily review and study what you have learned during the Live Interactive Sessions.

Lifetime Access to Program Content

You will receive 24/7 lifetime access to all the program content, including:

  • Live interactive session details
  • All video recordings
  • Downloadable audios
  • Downloadable transcripts
  • Do-It-Yourself Daily Practice Guidelines
  • Supplementary teachings

The program content will be hosted on Dr. Pillai’s membership portal Pillai Center Academy. Once you enroll, you will be able to conveniently access your member’s area with internet connection via the smart device of your choosing.

Get Started On Your Aramaic Experience


  • 6 Guided Interactive sessions with Pillai Center Master Teacher and Anointed Pastor of Religion of Religions Church Elaine Kueper (Mohini)
  • Do-It-for-Yourself Daily Practice Guidelines
  • Downloadable meditation and power sound audios, and session transcripts
  • Lifetime access to all recorded content on Pillai Center Academy Membership Portal

Price = $49


You Can Change the Impossible with the Power of Prayer

“The Word is an instantaneous manifestation-technology that belongs to God. You have to understand that prayer is not simply a faith-based activity. It is a higher science even by scientific standards. When God’s new science of quantum physics takes over old, materialistic science, there will be a revival, and then religion will be looked at from a different perspective. With this understanding of God as superintelligence, beyond rationalism, beyond materialism, beyond the sensory mind, at that level, prayer will take place in the fullest understanding and help humanity change the impossible.” 

— Dr. Pillai

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