Dr. Pillai’s 2023 Mystery School


Experience Freedom from:

  • Limiting Financial Mindset
  • Limiting Bodily Weakness
  • Limiting Understanding of the Unlimited Soul

Attain Freedom from Mind, Body, and Rationality

We are deluded that we have freedom. When you think deeply, you know that you don’t have freedom from your mind particularly mind chatter (with 35+ per minute) and your body which is naturally lazy and attracts diseases. Both mind and body get you into trouble and pain. The yogis of India have known how to be ecstatic through the ability to ‘know’ and ‘do’ everything. This power of the yogis is what constitutes their freedom.”

The Freedom Course is a compilation of both theories and practices of the classical yogic practices to attain “freedom” in our life. Freedom is not just about thinking and speaking what you want to think and speak. Freedom is an intelligent ability of the mind as well as the body, according to the standards of yogis who are miracle makers. Every human being is a potential miracle maker. Jesus acknowledged it.

Unite the Human Mind and Divine Mind

All seek to understand the unknown. We all use logic and language as a means of understanding. That is the problem. Although artificial intelligence is well known today and is the pursuit of everyone, no serious attempt has been made to understand our super human mind latent within us.

The Divine mind is beyond comprehension by our scientists and technologists. Mystery School will teach practical techniques to unite the human mind and the Divine mind so that human ignorance will be phenomenally changed, leading to a life of enlightenment and resulting in bliss.”

Develop Miraculous Consciousness

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Divine Intelligence (DI) are integrally linked to the human mind in varying degrees. AI is advanced logic pushing human intelligence to higher levels with the help of computers and machines. On the other hand, DI is delving into one’s own consciousness to develop the miraculous consciousness called “Siddhi powers.”

Mystery School’s Freedom Course is intended to help participants develop Divine Intelligence or Siddhi Intelligence through deep meditations with sound and light techniques used by the ancient yogis and Siddhas of India.”

What is Mystery School?

Mystery School programs bring the latest teachings of Dr. Pillai to the public. What is new about the 2023 program in comparison with previous Mystery School teachings? The upcoming Mystery School Program is all about liberating human life from the ignorance of the human body-mind. It combines cultivating the miracle mind with assistance from AI and Quantum Physics. 

Mystery School offers a unique opportunity to access a direct connection with Dr. Pillai for a full year through his live teachings, initiations, and blessings.

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Mystery School 2023 Overview

Module I: Human Mind and Divine Mind

- Receive techniques and secrets for reaching your financial goals through methods that combine your intuitive and rational mind.

- Learn how to receive your intuition as a gift from your unconscious mind and Divine beings

“We have not exercised our mind on freedom because the mind is not under control. What can you do? There are techniques. Patanjali, the Father of Yoga, has techniques that include theory and practice. Theoretically, he would say 'Stop the mind.' You can stop the mind only when you understand that sound is the basis of matter, including the mind. Mind and matter depend on sound.”

  • What Is Mind?
  • How Do We Know?
  • What is the Relationship between Thought & Intelligence?
  • Can You Think Without a Thought?
  • Which Comes First – Thought or Word?
  • What is Beyond the Non-Mind?
  • The Quantum Mind & the Power of Emptiness (Nirvana)
  • How does artificial intelligence differ from human intelligence?

Module II: The Secret of Time

- Understand the “Concept of Time”

- Learn the sacred relationship between time and money

- Learn to transcend logic and limitations

- Harness the power of your own intuition, divinity and consciousness

"Everything takes time -- this is our belief system. We never asked ourselves the question, 'What is time?' Einstein understood time as an illusion. He said: 'There is no today, yesterday, or tomorrow.' He said this from the perspective of physics, but we need to understand time as we experience it. At the same time, [we need to] understand how time is an illusion and transcend it."

  • The Secret of Knowing the Past, Present and Future
  • The Secret of Changing the Past
  • The Secret of Structuring the Future

Module III: Talking to God

- Learn the ability to pray and talk to God

- Learn to access and feel God’s presence

- Receive techniques to talk to multiple Divine beings who specialize in different forms of intuition and intelligence

“What about the role of the Divine and God’s forgiveness? Modern civilization has marginalized both. We have lost the ability to know or to connect with God and God’s intelligence. From 2023 onwards, things related to science, and technology are all going to change.”

  • Conversation with Angels of Health
  • Conversation with the Angels of Wealth
  • Conversation with the Angels of Intelligence

Module IV: Your Light Body

- Understand the importance of your light body and its ability to free you from physical ailments and restraints.

- Learn the model of eternal life and transportation to heaven as the ultimate goal.

- Recognize your body as a being of both matter and energy

“Freedom from the body is important because the body has pain and diseases - all these things are because of the nature of the body. The body is not really solid matter; it is pure light - and this is science.

  • Light Body as the Ultimate Liberation from Human Existence
  • Divine Photon Particles and "Arul" Mantra
  • Methods of Inquiring the Light Body through "Arul"

Module V: Siddhi (Miraculous) Powers

- Learn to activate your own supernatural powers from your higher-self, unconscious, or from God

- Understand Siddhi Powers as the preeminent goal of the Gurus of India, and discover their power to create miracles for healing, wealth, and more.

- Learn ancient sacred techniques for accessing Siddhi (Miracle) Consciousness from classical texts including Patanjali's Yoga Sutra and Shiva Sutra

“The Divine Mind can be cultivated through a number of techniques taught by the Siddhas. Selecting a Guardian Angel or God/Goddess is immensely helpful to build the wisdom brain. Mantras and rituals developed by yogis and Siddhas keep the human mind connected to the divine. The pineal gland or third eye plays an important role in creating the non-linear wisdom mind. Amrita reaches in the pineal gland and leads you to go beyond time and space.”

  • Six Parts of the Human Brain Used to Develop Siddhi Powers
  • Stages of Transcending the Human Mind
  • Stages of Trance Associated with Different States of Intelligence
  • Mastery of Time

Module VI: The Power of Meditation & Prayer

  • Why and How Meditation Fails: How to Detect Meditation Failures at Different Stages
  • Why and How Prayer Fails 
  • Authentic and Inauthentic Prayers
  • Confusion and Clarity Analytics 
  • Best Times to Meditate
  • Benefits of Divine Interference: Miraculous Insights and Solutions

Module VII: Thought & Action Analysis

“All life is about manifestation or thought becoming matter. Everything that's in your life is a manifestation of your thought. You have to understand the relationship between the two, and if you just know how the process takes place, then you can manifest that. You have to be very committed to knowing the process.” 

  • Be Clear About Your Goals & Desires
  • Identify How Others Affect You 
  • Be Aware of What Happens to You Every Hour
  • Utilize Your Time Effectively & Take the Right Action
  • Consult God at the Right Time

We are happy to help answer your questions or provide registration assistance. Click below for a video walkthrough of the program, email assistance or to schedule a 15-minute consultation.

Experience Freedom

"There are many practices with the help of sounds, light, and breath work, which can help you easily get the freedom of mind, body, and soul."

Dr. Pillai’s yearlong Mystery School will give you:

  • Revelatory meditations and Pranayama (breathwork) guided by Dr. Pillai’s Vaaak Siddhi (power of speech)
  • Guarded mantras from ancient Mystic Traditions revealed spontaneously
  • Dr. Pillai’s direct attention on you to receive his blessings and transmissions
  • Connect with Archetypes, Angels, and Holy Beings waiting to offer Divine support
  • Bathe in the Darshan (Divine Radiation) of an Enlightened Master to shift consciousness
  • Miracle proxy technology & powerspot remedies performed in India on your behalf
  • Personal astrology readings and private consultations with intuitive channels

Included in Your Membership

*Program components vary by package level.

Mystery School Membership is unlike any other program.  Each component has been carefully selected to open pathways to deeper levels of consciousness and higher vibrations of Divine Light.

Immersive Teachings, Initiations, and Meditations

12 Initiations & Teachings with Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai will deliver core teachings and initiations, during which you will also receive “darshan”- loosely translated as “divine radiation.” Distinguished by his Divine identity, Dr. Pillai’s physical form and voice (Vaaak Siddhi) radiate the power of God.

*Fundamental and Premier packages

12 Group Video Calls with Dr. Pillai

Join Dr. Pillai for additional impromptu teachings of what he feels is most relevant for you at the moment. These calls provide spontaneous Divine transmission, enabling an instant and deep energetic connection between him to you. 

*Premier package

Specialized Consultations, Readings, and Remedies

Individual Email Consultation with Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai will give a rare one-on-one consultation and astrological birth chart review via email. He will guide you on how to navigate your karma from this birth, and personally bless you to help expedite your success. You will submit a recent photograph of yourself to directly connect with Dr. Pillai’s Divine blessings.

*Premier package

Vibhuti (Sacred Ash) Blessed by Dr. Pillai

Vibhuti is regarded as a powerful tool for a person’s spiritual growth. It possesses intense vibrancy and remains an effective medium for transferring energy. It can thus help to manage one’s energy body and utilize it for an individual’s internal growth and upliftment. 

Dr. Pillai calls Vibhuti the carbonization of thoughts. Carbon is nothing but our information-bearing atoms. When its residue, the sacred ash, is applied in the third eye area in the forehead, it can bestow divine blessings on the individual.

*Fundamental and Premier packages

Soul Destiny Reading with Meena

Discover your unique gifts during a soul destiny reading with Pillai Center teacher Meena- who is personally blessed by Dr. Pillai. Meena is highly intuitive and able to access Divine resources such as Ganesha Oracle, Vedic Astrology, Personal Designs, the Goddesses, and Dr. Pillai’s Divine knowledge to guide her. A Soul Reading can provide clarity about your purpose and strengths and root out emotional patterns holding you back. 

*Premier package

Nadi Reading with Custom Remedies

Nadi astrology is highly unique. A specialized Nadi Reader transmits wisdom from an Angel or Siddha who documented your soul’s path thousands of years ago. Readings can provide clarity on your life experiences and give insight into how to protect yourself from future problems. You will be prescribed remedies, including an energized Raksha plate sent to you to wear as a protective shield. Prayer offerings will be made on your behalf at temples in India.

*Premier package

Vedic Astrology Reading & Consultation

Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, is “the science of light.” A well-trained Vedic Astrologer can shed light on your karmic circumstances based on your personal birth chart and the current positioning of the stars and planets. Receive guidance on the steps you need to take to manifest your goals, which Archetypes you should invoke for intervention, and precise times to take action. 

*Fundamental and Premier packages

Daily Karma Removal Powerspot Remedies

Dr. Pillai has personally selected over 25 types of karma-clearing technologies to be performed on your behalf at specific powerspots in India. Approximately 175 monthly remedies (2,100 total for the year) will be performed using 7 surrogate yantras (small copper plates inscribed with your natal birth chart) to capture your energetic signature and connect you via proxy. 

Click here for a detailed list of all remedies

*Fundamental and Premier packages

1-Month 200% Life Remedy Package

This Soul-Cleansing Remedy Package is designed to remove obstacles and clear the path for a 200% life – 100% Material and 100% Spiritual.

  • 2 Karma Removal anointing rituals to remove negative karma prohibiting prosperity and higher evolution
  • 1 New Moon Fire Lab to clear negative energy and receive divine protection
  • 1 Full Moon Fire Lab to access the energy of manifestation and abundant creation
  • 1 New Moon Tarpanam ritual to appease your ancestors

*Month-One Package

Workshops and Coaching

Mastery Workshops with Pillai Center Teachers

Dr. Pillai has blessed his senior students to teach these workshops on his behalf. Each Sunday workshop will be followed by an opportunity to participate in a group meditation session which can provide a powerful experience of group synergy. Meditating as part of a group has been scientifically demonstrated to magnify the power of the meditation session for all who participate.

*Fundamental and Premier packages

Premier Group Coaching

Weekly group coaching with a Master Coach will allow you to experience group meditations and review key points of Dr. Pillai’s exclusive Premier teachings.  Your coach will give techniques to assess your growth and address challenges as you progress.

*Premier package

Support and Special Savings

Conscious Community Group

Connect with your global Mystery School community via a private WhatsApp group to share experiences, find inspiration, and stay accountable for your program participation.

Special Savings

You will receive Members-Only Savings on select Pillai Center events and remedies that complement your Mystery School experience for the duration of your live program.

Our Risk-Free Commitment

If your Mystery School experience does not meet your expectations, contact us within 30 days of your enrollment for a full refund. We support your search to find the perfect program for you.


We are happy to help answer your questions or provide registration assistance.  Write to programsconcierge@pillaicenter.com with your question, time zone and the best way to reach you.  We make every effort to respond within one business day.

What Members Are Saying

My Love for Life Has Deepened

"I've been able to achieve breakthroughs and shifts in my career and have been able to focus 100% on creative endeavors that are the most fulfilling to me. As a result, my love for life has deepened and my gratitude has expanded in new and sometimes unexpected ways. I feel like I've turned a corner, and my creative output is more than it's ever been. Thank you, Dr. Pillai and team for this gift!"

Don Thompson | Washington DC

I Highly Recommend

"Dr. Pillai has given me knowledge of the self that is everywhere, all-knowing and without limitation. His greatest gift is his constant guidance and blessings. It gives me tremendous confidence, no lack of resources, perfect health and Divine bliss. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants the inner guidance from Dr. Pillai, or for your own soul to live a truly miraculous life full of abundance, perfect health, bliss and prosperity."

Nirmala Sharma | Kasi

I Am Blissed Out and Energetic At Once

"I found the meditations to have incredible power. I couldn't wait to jump at one every morning. All my life I have struggled with either being blissed out (but too passive), or being too energetic (but restless) the other days. Dr. Pillai has seemed to have brought out the combination I wanted -- blissed out (without being passive) and energetic (without being restless) both at once. Lots of gratitude."


Dr. Pillai is a Very Powerful Enlightened Being

"Dr. Pillai is truly a very powerful enlightened being. Every participant will experience the Divine in the mind, body and soul through mantra initiations which work as nuclear power. It is only a Master's blessings, and in particular, his Vaak Siddhi or Power of Speech which will help you to bypass the ignorance and obstacles you have created. He always picks the right time for his students in order that God can talk through Him to us. What a Blessing! Our mind, body, soul -- our karmic reality is being challenged through the practice of the mantra initiations. Soon enough, you will become aware that you have the capability to live a great and miraculous life."

Inez Vermeulen | Belgium

No More Rat Race

"My work is in a very congested area with a lot of competitive forces. In Mystery School, Dr. Pillai has us wrapped in this energy that is very protective, and what I feel that did is, I no longer had to participate in the 'rat race.' Even though I did not have to participate, the results I was asking for came in anyways. That was my experience. I am very grateful for it."

Marina | San Francisco, CA

Tremendous Changes in My Life

"I have been very, very committed to Dr. Pillai's Mystery School and there has been tremendous changes in my life. I am divinely guided because as a human being, I couldn't possibly have managed to accomplish what has been asked of me without Dr. Pillai's divine grace and assistance."

Anastasia | Toronto, Canada

Spreading My Wings

"For me, it's been a great joy to have Dr. Pillai's Mystery School to draw energy from. I am spreading my wings more as a teacher. I have felt like I have an assignment to help bring lots of people to enlightenment, but I never thought I would be able to do it until this program."

Colleen Wells | Florida

I Received Awards

"For me, the Mystery School feels like I am under this blanket of safety and security from Dr. Pillai. I can't even imagine not being in the program. When I have times when I'm scared or in a really stressful situation, or anything, I literally just call on him I know he's there. He has saved me. I'm a real estate broker in Colorado, in the U.S. And I've had this goal to be in the top 10 in my company. During the program, I got this email saying I received awards and had made number eight in my company."

Caroline Glidden | Colorado

Magic and Miracles Really, Truly Happened

"Magic and miracles really, truly happened. I was able to deeply connect with Dr. Pillai and he gave me trust, and money came. I was put on a wild roller coaster when it comes to my purpose, meeting nonprofit organizations, and then going on a fully funded trip to Hawaii for almost nine weeks, out of the blue. I'm meeting amazing people I work together with now, and I'm fully on purpose and I know it's just the beginning. Everybody that feels called to step into this miracle program I am sure will have the possibility. I cannot even imagine moving forward now without being in it"

Makin | Munich, Germany




  • On-Demand Initiation & Teaching with Dr. Pillai (on Guru Purnima* Day)
  • 4 Sunday Weekly Mastery Workshops with Pillai Center Teachers

*Guru Purnima (Full Moon the Guru) is a rare time to access the heightened presence and consciousness of living and deceased gurus for increased blessings. This event is separate from Dr. Pillai’s 2023 Guru Purnima program.

Full Payment

Your Price = $250



  • On-Demand Initiation & Teaching with Dr. Pillai (on Guru Purnima* Day)
  • 4 Sunday Weekly Mastery Workshops with Pillai Center Teachers
  • 1-Month 200% Life Remedy Package

*Guru Purnima (Full Moon the Guru) is a rare time to access the heightened presence and consciousness of living and deceased gurus for increased blessings. This event is separate from Dr. Pillai’s 2023 Guru Purnima program.

Full Payment

Your Price = $345


Payment Plan

Your Price = $189

Per month for 2 months


  • 12 Initiations & Teachings with Dr. Pillai
  • Sunday Weekly Mastery Workshops with Pillai Center Teachers
  • Vibhuti (sacred ash) blessed by Dr. Pillai to help open your 3rd eye
  • Vedic Astrology Reading & Consultation
  • Daily Karma Removal Powerspot Remedies
  • Conscious Community Group
  • Special Savings

Full Payment

Your Price = $4,950


Payment Plan

Your Price = $495

Per Month for 12 Months


  • 12 Initiations & Teachings with Dr. Pillai
  • 12 Group Video Calls with Dr. Pillai
  • Personal Email to Dr. Pillai with Your Photo
  • Soul Destiny Reading with Meena
  • Nadi Reading with Custom Remedies + Rashka Plate
  • Weekly Group Coaching 
  • Sunday Weekly Mastery Workshops with Pillai Center Teachers
  • Vibhuti (sacred ash) blessed by Dr. Pillai to help open your 3rd eye
  • Vedic Astrology Reading & Consultation
  • Daily Karma Removal Powerspot Remedies
  • Conscious Community Group
  • Special Savings

Full Payment

Your Price = $9,950


Payment Plan

Your Price = $995

Per Month for 12 Months