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Replay of Dr. Pillai's Guru Purnima Message

Replay of Guru Purnima Evening Chanting

Live Community Events

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Gathering together in like-minded communities, especially during powertimes, is highly recommended by the yogis and siddhas. The group synergy can multiply the beneficial effects for everyone, including the collective consciousness of the planet.

We will be hosting two live events during the Full Moon which you can participate in and benefit from for free. 

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1. Replay of Dr. Pillai's 2019 Guru Purnima Message

July 4 at 7 am | 2 pm UTC

Join us on this page for a re-airing of Dr. Pillai’s 2019 Guru Purnima message where he shared his Divine darshan, and also teachings and techniques you can use this year to connect with the power of miracles.

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2. Guru Purnima Evening Chanting and Meditation

July 4 at 7 pm | 2 am UTC

Join the community live as we discuss some of Dr. Pillai’s Guru Purnima teachings, and also experience group synergy using meditation and chanting to invoke the Guru’s grace for miracles and a new destiny.

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Guru Purnima Instructional PDF

Use the button below to download the Guru Purnima Instructional PDF for some bite-size tips and teachings from Dr. Pillai on how to make the most of this once-a-year night.

Guru Purnima Mantra Audios

Below are three mantras recommended by Dr. Pillai that you can use to invoke the Guru’s grace during Guru Purnima 2020. Click the links to download, listen to, and chant along with them during the Full Moon.

  • Dr. Pillai’s Moola Mantra - use the fundamental sounds behind Dr. Pillai’s Divine intelligence, wisdom, and power to give you miracles.
  • Dr. Pillai’s Miracle Mantra - use the sounds that invoke several of Dr. Pillai’s past-lives as miracle-makers revealed by Dr. Pillai himself.
  • Guru Mantra - use the sounds that invoke the power of the Guru archetype as the holy trinity and supreme Divine intelligence.

Guru Purnima Darshan

Darshan is a Sanskrit word that can be interpreted as Divine radiation. According to Dr. Pillai and the Siddhas, just by looking at the picture of the Guru you will be in contact with Divine energy. Dr. Pillai recommends looking at his pictures and videos at any time, but especially during Guru Purnima so you can access the power of miracles that will be flowing through him during this auspicious time.

1. Download Darshan Image

Click the images to download and save.

2. Watch Darshan Video

3. Watch Dr. Pillai's Light Body Video


You can also give a gift to the Guru on Guru Purnima.

Historically, Dr. Pillai doesn’t accept gifts and resists them.  However, there is a gift called Gurudhana, which means “blessing gift”. When you give this gift from your heart you receive the blessing from the Guru.

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