Ganesh Chaturthi 2021

Learn Ganesha’s Secrets of Becoming a Genius and a Master of Time and Space for Achieving Your Goals Fast in This 6-Week Online Course



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Renowned Spiritual Scientist, Dr. Baskaran Pillai is teaching a Global Online Course on the Secrets of Ganesha that Rishis, Yogis and Siddhas of India have known for thousands of years.

Discover how to become successful with the help of Ganesha by becoming a Genius and finding shortcuts to your problems

Starting September 10 You Will Learn 

  • Secret of Golden Ganesha, a special wealth-giving form of Ganesha taught by Sri Krishna to the Pandava brothers to help them get gold
  • Meditation and mantra of Genius Ganesha who helps you become a Genius yourself
  • Mantra of Ganesha to get short-cut solutions to your material and personal life problems
  • Meditation and teachings on “Second to none” Ganesha consciousness so can you acquire the highest self-esteem that only a rare form of Ganesha gives

Ganesha Is God of Gods

“There is no God above Ganesha. He is the God of Gods. He is more powerful than his father Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma.” — Dr. Pillai

According to the Siddhas, Ganesha is the first, primal deity. They have revealed he is the personification of the most powerful mantra, OM, and second to none in intelligence, power, and ability. Dr. Pillai calls him a “Performer” because he is quick to perform miracles for those who call on him. As he teaches, “Ganesha will never let you down.” While Ganesha is widely recognized in India, he is a universal archetype who is worshiped all over the world in different names and forms.

The #1 Divine Birthday of the Year

“If you want to establish a connection with Ganesha, the best time is during his birthday. You will have more access to him.” — Dr. Pillai

In the Yogic and Siddha tradition, the birthdays of Gods and Goddesses are revered. They consider them as peak times when the archetypal consciousness of the Divine being can be “birthed” from the unconscious into the conscious identity, thus gaining access to their unique powers and attributes. Among the birthdays of the Gods, Ganesha’s is considered to be number one, as his consciousness is considered to be the highest. This year it falls on September 9 in the U.S.


“Ganesha has many, many different forms." — Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai has been inspired to reveal two unique forms of Ganesha for Ganesha’s upcoming birthday, and to transmit special initiations to help you gain their powers.

Genius Ganesha: How to Become a Genius by Getting Ganesha into Your Body

“I will tell you how this gift happened. I lived in Tiruchirappalli, South India, where there is a famous temple to Ganesha. I decided to make that Ganesha my friend.” 

— Shakuntala Devi in an interview to an Indian newspaper

Many around the world knew about the famous mathematical genius, Shakuntala Devi who could calculate faster than computers. She has a 1980 Guinness Book of World Record for multiplying two thirteen-digit numbers in 28 seconds.

7,686,369,774,870 by 2,465,099,745,779

Answer: 18,947,668,177,995,426,462,773,730

According to her, the secret of her superhuman math power was Ganesha. Her mother is reported to have said that while she was a child, she swallowed a Ganesha-shaped cookie that gave her powers. This was when the miracles started happening. She attracted the attention of people from all walks of life from technologists in Silicon Valley to educators at Stanford University. A professor of educational psychology at UC Berkeley, Arthur R. Jensen, studied her abilities in his laboratory concluding that her “calculations are almost automatic.”

Dr. Pillai says Ganesha got into her body and gave her this genius intelligence. In this program, Dr. Pillai is going to reveal secrets on becoming a Genius with the help of Ganesha. Ganesha is considered the top most intelligence and even the most enlightened Yogis depend on him. Dr. Pillai reveals that Ganesha’s Genius comes from his having the elephant head and the elephant head carries the Von Economo neurons. These are also the neurons which make human beings more intelligent than other species. So meditation on Ganesha will activate this special intelligence within you.

Second to None Ganesha, "Prathama Ganesha"

Ganesha is known as "Prathama,” meaning first among all. Also as per mythology of Ganesha he is number one, Gana-Esha, leader of all the Ganas or angels and also ‘Prathama Pujya,’  the first God to be worshiped at all times.

“Second to none is a Divine concept. It very rarely belongs to human beings. The President and Kings have it, but most people do not. You can also have it, regardless of who you are. How? There are different Gods who do different things, just as on the earth plane we have different divisions of labor. The God who owns the matchless characteristics of second to none is this Ganesha. He challenges everybody who does not subjugate to him. He does not even spare his own father Shiva from this conviction that he is first above everybody else.” — Dr. Pillai

  • Smash low self-esteem
  • Overcome mediocrity of mob-mentality
  • Become preeminent in all areas of life

Instant Manifestation Ganesha

“Ganesha has another very important principle that he represents, and that principle is instant manifestation. Right now, you always think in time—‘This is going to take time, two hours, four hours, two months, four months, eight months’—these are all units of time. You bring the time in. If you do not, then there is no time. But you cannot do it on your own. That is why you have to have this Ganesha to help you.” — Dr. Pillai

  • Compress time to manifest faster
  • Activate right-place, right-time intuition
  • Overcome delays to quickly achieve goals

Golden Ganesha

“Heramba Ganapati, The Golden Ganesha, was ruling the world during the Satya Yuga (Golden Age) which is coming again. He is a special form of Ganesha who was brought to the earth plane by five brothers who were good people, but poor. He has five elephant heads. He is in charge of gold, mountains of gold.” — Dr. Pillai

  • Manifest a golden age reality
  • Attract extraordinary prosperity
  • Experience the Divine mind


Although Ganesha is one of the most popular Gods in the world, receiving initiation to acquire his powers is considered to be rare. It is because it can only be given by someone who has Mastered Ganesha’s Supreme Archetype, and who has been commissioned by Ganesha directly to help others do the same. Dr. Pillai is currently the only known Master who has been blessed by Ganesha to make this opportunity available to the general public. Receiving these initiations during Ganesha’s birthday powertime itself is considered to be a precious opportunity because it is when they have the greatest potential to change your destiny.



Ganesha has commissioned Dr. Pillai to impart secret teachings, mantras, and meditations to you, especially for his 2021 birthday powertime.

Dr. Pillai's Ganesha Birthday Live Initiation & Fire Lab

September 9

On Ganesha’s Birthday, you will have the rare opportunity to join a special fire ceremony conducted by Dr. Pillai himself. Dr. Pillai will be invoking several forms of Ganesha to bless participants and the world. You will have an opportunity to be initiated into their mantras. During the ceremony, he will guide you on how and when to pray to access their blessings. The ceremony will be streamed during an auspicious time selected by Dr. Pillai to provide the maximum empowerment.

Second to None Ganesha Initiation

September 9

Dr. Pillai will be transmitting initiations to embody the power of a special, primordial form of Ganesha who is in charge of the preeminence principle. This form of Ganesha sits on top of the entire Divine hierarchy, including the Holy Trinity. Dr. Pillai teaches that he can make you number one in life, like an emperor or president, helping you smash low self-esteem and mediocrity.

Instant Manifestation Ganesha Initiation

September 9 

Dr. Pillai will be delivering initiations to embody a special form of Ganesha who is in charge of the time/space principle. He is the Ganesha that everyone goes to for getting things accomplished without delays. Dr. Pillai teaches that this form of Ganesha has a perfect understanding of time and can easily compress it to manifest instantaneously. Included in this initiation will be teachings of Einstein to help you better understand time.

Golden Ganesha Initiation

September 19 

Dr. Pillai has been inspired by Ganesha to add this additional live session to the Premier and All-Inclusive participation packages for his 2021 Ganesha Birthday Initiations. Dr. Pillai will channel and initiate you into the power of the Golden Ganesha named Heramba Ganapati—a special form of Ganesha who specializes in giving outrageous wealth.

Genius Ganesha Initiation

September 19 

Dr. Pillai will initiate you into the secrets of becoming a Genius by getting Ganesha into your body. He was inspired to include this unique teaching into the program to empower people to become Geniuses. Ganesha is considered the topmost God of wisdom and intelligence. You will receive the latest revelations on how to activate the intelligence of Ganesha within yourself.

4-Day Preparation Sessions

September 5 - 8

Dr. Pillai has recommended that students should prepare themselves in advance of Ganesha’s birthday to help them receive the best results. Pillai Center has created a special 4-day program that will teach you how to use Ganesha’s technology for karma removal to help you prepare for his 2021 birthday. The program includes access to exclusive teachings and initiation from Dr. Pillai, and 4 live daily calls with a Pillai Center teacher who will guide you through Dr. Pillai’s teachings.

Advanced Proxy Powerspot Ganesha Birthday Rituals

Dr. Pillai places great importance on the participation in proxy powerspot rituals. He has made them a mandatory component to all of his premier, yearlong programs. These rituals were commissioned especially for Ganesha’s 2021 birthday. They will be performed by specialists in powerspots in India where Ganesha’s energy is considered to be alive and active, and at the most auspicious times during Ganesha’s birthday. They will use proxy technology to transmit the benefits to you as if you were physically present. To see all the rituals that you can receive in the Advanced package, click the button below.


Lifetime Access to All Content on Private Membership Site

The videos, audios, and transcripts, along with supplementary teachings, will be hosted on Pillai Center Academy. You will receive lifetime access to the member’s area which can be conveniently accessed 24/7 from any smart device or computer.

Private Facebook Group

Connect with members and teachers, share and be inspired, and ask any questions you have easily in a private Facebook group dedicated to this program.  


Ganesha has commissioned Dr. Pillai to impart secret teachings, mantras, and meditations to you especially for his 2021 birthday powertime.


Live Fire Lab Only

  • Dr. Pillai Ganesha Birthday Live Initiation & Fire Lab

Value = $250

Price = $147


Live Fire Lab + Teachings

  • Dr. Pillai Ganesha Birthday Live Initiation & Fire Lab ($250)
  • Second to None Ganesha Initiation ($200) 
  • Instant Manifestation Ganesha Initiation ($200)
  • Golden Ganesha Initiation ($200)
  • 4-Day Preparation Sessions ($100)
  • 4 Weekly Group Coaching Calls ($100)
  • Lifetime Access to All Content on Private Membership Site 
  • Private Facebook Group

Value = $1,050

Price = $397


“This program, if you follow it through and apply it, will give you the help of the Ganesha. In my personal life, he has done so many miracles. Whenever I want to do wrong things because of bad karma, he was the one, without telling me, who put me on the right track which he is doing even now. He is a miracle-maker, and he doesn't believe in limitations. So this is my gift that I wanted to give to you during this auspicious Ganesha birthday. God Bless.” — Dr. Pillai