Enlightened Entrepreneur Workshop:
Cultivate Your Success Mindset

A Free Two-Part Live Event Series

Session 1: July 27 at 9:30 am PDT | 4:30 pm UTC

Session 2: August 7 at 11:00 am PDT | 6:00 pm UTC

Enlightened Entrepreneur Workshop, hosted by Pillai Center teacher Beth DesMarais, is an interactive session designed to help you move beyond mindsets that sabotage your creativity and entrepreneurial success. Beth will guide you through an immersion into Dr. Pillai’s process meditation, “Cleansing the Negative Cortex” as revealed in his revolutionary Millionaire Yoga masterclass. Before and after the meditation, Beth will lead you through a technique which reveals thought patterns sidetracking your aspirations so future entrepreneurial endeavors can blossom.


During the workshop, you will learn:

  • To experience a clean slate, start-over consciousness that cuts ties to your past limitations.  
  • Victory mindset to overcome blocks in yourself and blocks from others.  
  • To embrace money with joy and experience a flood of opportunities which come with your newfound joy.