In His New Pillai Center Academy Course


Benefit from Dr. Pillai’s Most Powerful Energetic Transmission

It is said that simply being in Dr. Pillai's presence (either physically or virtually) during his birthday powertime can accelerate major transformation in both your spiritual and material lives.

It is also believed that an Enlightened Master’s darshan (energetic transmission) transcends both time and space.

For this reason, we have preserved Dr. Pillai’s 70th birthday teachings as a Pillai Center Academy course. Now, everyone can experience the transmission and benefit from this rare spiritual empowerment.

When you enroll you will receive access to two separate webinars. 

The first was recorded on February 1, 2019, Dr. Pillai’s 70th Birthday. And, for the first time ever, he received guidance from the Divine to deliver a second birthday webinar on February 7, 2019, his spiritual birthday (birthstar day).

Dr. Pillai's February 1st Birthday Message

  • Access your supernormal power called 'Shakti'
  • Transcend rational intelligence with surrender to your divine identity
  • Train your brain to perform miracles
  • and more...

Dr. Pillai's February 7th Birthday Message

The transformational power available to Dr. Pillai on his calendar birthday is said to be even more powerful on his spiritual birthday. This day, marked by his birthstar, perfectly aligned with the astrological conditions under which Dr. Pillai arrived on this Earth plane 70 years ago.  

Further, Dr. Pillai presented this webinar on a Thursday, the day of Jupiter (the Guru Planet), and during a Jupiter hora in India, infusing even more power into the rare blessings you will receive.

When you enroll, you will have access to everything listed below, which will help you set up a daily practice for continual karma-removal and positive shifts in all areas of life.

Video Recordings of Dr. Pillai’s 70th Birthstar Day Teachings

Video Recordings of Dr. Pillai’s 70th Birthday Teachings

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