Prepare For Dr. Pillai's 2022 Spiritual Birthday

With Group Miracle Practice & Prayer Immersion

LIVE ON JAN. 29 - Feb. 2 AT 6 PM PST | JAN. 30 - Feb. 3 at 2 AM UTC, 7:30 AM IST


5 Days of Preparing to Receive Guru Blessings

These group events will be hosted during the five days leading up to Dr. Pillai's Spiritual Birthday. They are targeted to help you prepare for this once-a-year powertime, when you can access an incredible rebirth of karma through the grace of Dr. Pillai. During the events you will be guided through an interactive experience of a miracle practice given by Dr. Pillai called Avatar Aarthi, followed by a prayer immersion to enlist his direct intervention.

Watch Live

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