“When you wake up in the morning, you are presented with a certain type of energy, and that energy is conducive to you for certain types of activities, and not conducive for certain other types of activities."

— Dr. Pillai 

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The key to a successful material and spiritual life is to use your time wisely. The Enlightened Living Planner is the daily planner that empowers you with tools that help you take the right actions at the right times. 


What Will The Enlightened Living Planner Help You Accomplish?

The image below shows what a typical day looks like in the Enlightened Living Planner

Know What You Want and Set Your Goals Daily

To manifest wealth, a happy relationship, supportive friends, or anything else, you must know what you want in detail. You’ll accomplish things more easily if you create achievable goals every day that move you closer to what you truly desire. Your planner makes this process easier.  

Furthermore, writing down your goals is scientifically proven to boost your chances of achieving them. A psychology study at the Dominican University of California in San Rafael demonstrated a 42% greater likelihood of achieving goals when you write them (1).

The Enlightened Living Planner Will Help You:

Organize Your Activities

Once you know your intentions and goals for the day, you can create a to-do list within your planner.  

Use The Most Appropriate Mantra For Each Day

Choose, from a number of mantras, the one most likely to help you achieve your daily goals.  

Align Yourself with the Stars, Planets, and the Moon

According to Vedic Astrology, each day comes with a certain energy. That energy is decided by the Moon conjoining with a certain star. The day is known by the star and Moon phase. Having this information in your planner will help you know what the energy of the day will be, and what is best to do during that time.


Keep a Journal for Self Awareness and Improvement

This feature allows you to check in with yourself and note dominant thoughts. From there, you can decide whether your thoughts are helpful or harmful. Your karma is determined by thoughts. When you are aware of your thoughts, you can change them and master your destiny. 


Reinforce Your Manifestations with Gratitude

By writing down what you are grateful for, you are reinforcing that energy so you can attract more of what you appreciate.


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