Travel India for a Destiny-Changing Spiritual Journey and Receive the Blessings of Shreem Brzee, Dattatreya, the Siddhas, and Powerful Archetypes 

For Dr. Pillai's 70th Birthday

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"There are sacred spaces in India where you just walk in and it absorbs your karma. Simply coming into contact with the space is therapeutic." — Dr. Pillai

Journey to Mystical India

Dr. Pillai has never created a trip like this before for the general public, and it is truly a trip of a lifetime. Each of the vortices he has selected are said to be charged with immense divine energies that can miraculously change your destiny.

"India has the most powerful space on this Earth plane, still alive, to change your consciousness. Even today, the Siddhas and Yogis live there and come down to these holy places on a daily basis to saturate them with their energy. This is special energy that you cannot buy with money." — Dr. Pillai

Sacred Space Gives New Destiny

According to the Yogis, space is not empty. Space, or Akash, is actually the field of consciousness and intelligence itself. They say exposing your consciousness to sacred spaces is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to transform your karma. The sacred spaces you will be exposed to on this trip have been methodically infused with divine energy for many millennia. They are all blessed with the radiation (darshan) of innumerable enlightened beings and are some of the most precious treasures the Earth plane has to offer. Each one is said to have abilities to remove karma and empower human consciousness in unique ways. 

"There are sacred spaces in India where you just walk in and it absorbs your karma. Simply coming into contact with the space is therapeutic." — Dr. Pillai


Join Dr. Pillai’s 70th birthday retreat to immerse yourself in some of the most life-changing places in India. You will be accompanied by Pillai Center teachers, as well as other students. Below, you can take a virtual journey through each of the spaces you can visit.


February 4 – February 9

*Daily Schedule for Days 1—6

*Itinerary Subject to Change Based on Dr. Pillai's Divine Guidance

Day 1 | February 4 

Experience Lord Dattatreya's Ascension Place

After experiencing the birthplace of Lord Dattatreya first and foremost avatar in Pithapuram, you will next travel to where he is believed to have performed great tapas and ascended into Heaven, the holy island of Kuravapur. Surrounded by the sacred waters of Krishna, it is said tens of thousands of yogis and siddhas graced this space pay their respects to Sripada Srivallabha here. Many people have reported miracles from visiting Kuravapur where it is believed Sripada Srivallabha still lives in his subtle form to bless all who come to visit him. 

Day 2 | February 5

Meet Muruga Where He Claimed Victory

According to legend, Thiruchendur is where Lord Muruga defeated the most powerful demon, Soorapadman, and his army. Dr. Pillai has revealed that it is only through the help of Muruga at Thiruchendur that one can be free of the worst kinds of karma which are stored in the second chakra. This unique temple is built near the beach in the shape of the symbol for OM, and the home of powerful karma-dissolving waters. Here you can also find an underground room behind the main deity where there are 5 Shiva Lingams believed to have been worshipped by Muruga himself. 

Day 3 | February 6

Receive the Blessings of Vishnu and the 9 Planets

Today you will be visiting the sacred Navathirupati temples, or nine sacred spaces for Vishnu. Although the buildings are as old as the 6th century A.D., the vortices they are built on are believed to exist since times immemorial. They were identified by Tamil saints known as the Alwars. Here you will be able to receive the blessings of different forms of Vishnu and Lakshmi, as well as the nine planets, as each of the temples also corresponds to one of the nine planetary Archetypes. Unique blessings associated with these temples include blessings for divine progeny, relief from curses and negative forces, divine relationships and beauty, as well as restoration of wealth and wisdom.

Day 4 | February 7

Visit Vishwamitra Temple in Vijayapati

After receiving the blessings of Vishnu and the 9 planets, you will travel to visit the ancient Indian emperor turned saint Vishwamitra at Vijayapati. It was Vishwamitra who revealed the highly revered Gayatri mantra and also the sound Brzee, which he revealed to Dr. Pillai during a special Nadi reading in the late 1990s. It is said that this is the only temple dedicated to Vishwamitra.

In addition to visiting with Vishwamitra, you will also return to select Navathirupati temples dedicated to Vishnu for blessings of wealth and prosperity.

Day 5 | February 8

Commune with the Siddhas at Courtallam

After leaving Vijayapati you will journey to Courtallam. Courtallam is the magical abode of the Siddhas where they are said to still live in their light bodies. Here you can bathe in healing waters charged with the energy of rare Siddha herbs, visit a special Shiva temple, and commune with the Siddhas for your highest evolution. Many people have reported miraculous encounters with the Siddhas at this most sacred place. The cave where the leader of the Siddhas, Agastya, is said to have performed extended periods of meditation is also located here, in addition to a temple for the Goddess who gave him Siddhi Powers, Shenbaga Devi. Coutrallam is also said to be where the Mahavatar Babaji was initiated into immortality by Agastya.

Day 6 | February 9

Dattatreya, Hanuman, and Departure

For the final day of the trip, you will be visiting one of the most beautiful temples in India, in the town of Suchindram. An architectural marvel, the main temple here contains approximately 30 different shrines representing most of the major deities in Hinduism. The King of Gods, Indra was said to have been relieved of his famous curse from the Sage Gautama from worshipping the main deity here, and is believed to come every night to worship even to this day. The main deity is a special Lingam that represents Dattatreya, the embodiment of the Holy Trinity. The Lingam is said to contain Brahma the creator in the bottom, Vishnu the sustainer in the middle, and Shiva the destroyer in the top.

In addition, you will also be visiting with a giant 22-foot statue of Lord Hanuman which is carved out of a single piece of granite rock. This famous form of Lord Hanuman is believed to be giving the darshan (holy radiation) of the giant form he assumed for Sita, the wife of Lord Rama.

After receiving the final blessings of the trip, you will then have an upscale lunch and the opportunity to wash and change before being taken to Chennai International airport for your departure.


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Week 2 Birthday Trip Only: Full Payment Feb. 4 - Feb. 9: Thiruchendur, Vijayapati & Courtallam 

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What People Have Said About Trips With Dr. Pillai

Guru Priya

My first trip with Dr. Pillai was like Heaven on earth. Every day was filled with joy. The information that was imparted was the most amazing gift. I have had many group experiences, but none can compare to this one! Every day was a miracle. I felt very loved and cared for.

Gurupriya Colorado, United States

Jeffery Hancock

I knew I was making a priceless investment in my future! This was the most important thing I ever did for myself in my entire life! I would say to anyone thinking about going on these trips—run! Go! Dr. Pillai gave more gifts on this trip than he ever did.

Jeffery Hancock Actor, New York

Linda Bilva

The experience was just the ultimate! It was way more than anticipated both in content and interaction with Dr. Pillai. Darshan with him is always way more than any words can express. I am still reeling with ecstasy.

Linda Bilva United States


It's true that as soon as I registered for the trip, karma-busting began! The work of Dr. Pillai reaches across the ocean and influenced me before I left. I had challenges in obtaining a visa, yet because the desire was so strong, and I knew I was being led by the divine to be on this birthday trip with Dr. Pillai, I was encouraged to do whatever was in my power to clear karma and attend.  

I'm so glad I pressed through the challenges, because the trip was more than amazing. Arriving at the ashram after hours of travel was calming and rejuvenating at the same time. Even though I had been traveling for hours (from Washington, DC to India) I wasn't sleepy! I was excited and went right to breakfast and into the workshop with Dr. Pillai, where the energy from this master teacher flows freely, and is deeply healing. Every aspect of the trip was amazing, from the great food, to the ashrams, to the temples, and ESPECIALLY to sit in the presence of this modern day master.  

Everything was taken care of. With all my travel challenges, Dr. Pillai took care of every twist and turn in the road for me to take this trip. And the group was warm and welcoming, like I was coming home to a familiar group of souls. The whole experience was phenomenal and life-transforming. My life will never be the same. I am truly blessed.  

For anyone considering this trip, don't think about it, JUST SAY YES and head to India!

Valerie United States

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Thiruchendur, Vijayapati, Courtallam, & Chennai)


February 4, 2019 to February 9, 2019

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