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Live on April 26, 8 PM PT | 11 PM EST |
April 27, 3 AM UTC | 8:30 AM IST

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“Of all the techniques, the Fire Lab is the most evolved. It is the shortcut to obtain wealth.” — Dr. Pillai

Shreem Brzee Full Moon Fire Lab

During the Most Potent Powertime

The Fire Lab will be live-streamed

According to Vedic Scriptures, the Full Moon is a very powerful time and amplifies the results of your spiritual efforts, especially for manifesting spiritual and material benefits. 

The Full Moon amplifies the results of your spiritual efforts, especially for manifesting material benefits. This makes it the ideal time to practice the Wealth Mantra of the Goddess Lakshmi, SHREEM BRZEE, for creating a shift in your prosperity consciousness.  

To help you take advantage of the upcoming Full Moon powertime, we will perform a Fire Lab to call upon the Goddess of Wealth with SHREEM BRZEE 108 times!

It will happen during Sun Hora, drawing even more support at the peak time to reach out for the Goddess' help.  

This is your invitation to join forces with a global community of manifestors holding a shared intention of creating wealth for themselves and the world through the Grace of the Goddess Lakshmi and Shreem Brzee. 

Dr. Pillai Explains the Power of Fire Labs 

Special Announcement! Priest Premaraja Shivam will be performing the Fire Labs for this month

Priest Premaraja Shivam has served Dr. Pillai personally and his organizations for around 9 years now. With training in Vedic and Tantric studies by reputed teachers, he has gone through rigorous training. His training and experience will help draw even more support for you during the Shreem Brzee Fire Labs. In regards to doing the rituals, he says,

"I am truly honored to be performing rituals again for Dr. Pillai and His students. Along with excitement, I am eager to help people experience authentic and ancient rituals." 

Priest Premaraja Shivam has been blessed by Dr. Pillai to perform the fire labs.

Please see these beautiful testimonials showing the power of his rituals

Why You Should Join ... 

During this time, you will have the opportunity to witness the most powerful spiritual technology developed—the Fire Lab, performed under the auspices of Divine timing and Dr. Pillai's blessings. 

Performed during Sun Hora

Full Moon powertime enhances wealth-related spiritual practice

Meditating and chanting with a group strengthens your efforts

Witness & participate in a sacred fire ceremony

Follow & chant along

If you chant no other day this month, do it at the BEST time for maximum results

Join the Full Moon Fire Lab


Live on April 26, 8 PM PT | 11 PM EST |
April 27, 3 AM UTC | 8:30 AM IST

What People Are Saying About Full Moon Fire Labs

"This was one of the most amazing experiences I have had yet. I have had many Fire Labs done through AstroVed and I loved the after effects, but during the Fire Lab I had performed in the US where I was able to chant along and be guided through the whole thing was completely different. It is a transcendent experience where you are pulled in and feeling everything happen at the moment. I knew Lakshmi was with me and could feel her presence everywhere."

Crystal Stannard, USA

"The Fire Lab was so beautiful! I felt such a profound sense of peace when you call for Swami Ramalingam. He has been showing up in my Arut Perum Jyoti meditations. Wow! I didn't know he is Dr. Pillai! Thank you for clarifying Mahaakshmi. I called for her after the Fire Lab. I love the intensity of the Goddess energy that came through. Thank you!"

Anyes Narciso, USA

"I just want to say thank you for the Full Moon Fire Lab. Although it was Saturday morning in Johannesburg, it was still Full Moon. You facilitated a powerful eperience for me, and I'm truly grateful. The words you used in your prayers truly touched my heart."

Julia Witt, USA

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