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You’re invited to a powerful 21-Day Shreem Brzee Manifestation Journey in 2022.

Jan. 1-21 at 6 pm PT | Jan. 2-22 at 2:00 am UTC, 7:30 am IST


“The inner becomes the outer. If outwardly you are poor, that is only a reflection of the inner. The inner core of your being has to be transformed. When you become rich inwardly and it happens outwardly, that is the secret.” — Dr. Pillai

A brand new year is among us and we want to invite you to a special Shreem Brzee 21-Day Education and Chanting Experience to begin a new chapter with a cleansed and prosperous outlook.

The Manifestation Journey is built to clear, create, and empower your mind, body, and soul. Recalibrating your spirit creates a fresh foundation for achieving great strength, energy, and clarity as you manifest a new life. It’s the ideal process for resetting as the new year ensues.

Community Building

One of the most important aspects of accelerating manifestation is creating a sense of community and using synergy to invoke manifestation power. One of Dr. Pillai’s most paramount teachings is that chanting mantras, especially in gatherings, can create intensity and drive both tangible and spiritual results. 


What You’ll Receive in the 21-Day Journey

  • 21 days of live group chanting
  • Simple manifestation guidance and support
  • Daily abundance teachings from Dr. Pillai videos

“We should structure our reality based on the power we have inside. We think something, and that becomes the reality.” — Dr. Pillai

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Jan. 1-21 at 6 pm PT | Jan. 2-22 at 2:00 am UTC, 7:30 am IST