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Dr. Pillai and the Siddhas teach that your spiritual birthday is more powerful than your physical birthday, also known as your solar return. According to Dr. Pillai, your spiritual birthday is the closest occurence of your birthstar and your physical birthday. For Dr. Pillai’s, his 2021 spiritual birthday happened on January 17 during his birthstar, Purva Bhadrapada. This was considered to be an extraordinary time to be in the Master’s presence, physically or virtually. Dr. Pillai gave a special silent darshan (shaktipat/empowerment) during the webinar which he has said is among the highest forms of energetic transmission one can receive. 

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On this page, you can also join daily global community gatherings to help prepare for Dr. Pillai’s birthday on February 1. Pillai Center will be hosting 17 days of daily chanting and ceremony to help attune ourselves to Dr. Pillai’s miracle-consciousness for maximum birthday blessings. The daily chanting challenge will culminate on January 31, the final day before Dr. Pillai’s birthday on February 1. You are invited to be there live to join others from around the world in real-time to chant Dr. Pillai’s Moola mantra and participate in a special ceremony called ‘Avatar Aarti.’



Dr. Pillai's Birthday Empowerment Webinar

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Daily Community Gatherings

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January 15 - January 31


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If you have it in your heart to give Dr. Pillai a birthday gift, please join us in an act of service to those experiencing the greatest forms of suffering.A small act of service, when done with commitment and purity of heart, can be transformational for both the Giver and Receiver.Sponsor children living in poverty with support to attend a Tripura Hope Learning Station.