Revealed for the First Time...

Bala: The Secret Siddhi Powers Goddess

Receive Initiation to Gain Ultimate Power, Knowledge, and Wisdom

Step 1 - Modify the Breath to Quiet the Mind

Step 2 - Synthesize the Body & Environment with a Special Light Frequency

Step 3 - Initiate Pineal Gland & Brain with Secret Sound Waves

Step 4 - Invite Bala’s Blessings Through Prayer


“This initiation will open up your brain and give you access to the highest consciousness, Siddhi, a supernormal consciousness of ultimate power, knowledge, and wisdom.”

- Dr. Pillai

Fulfill Your Soul’s Desire: Understand the Ultimate Knowledge & Power

“I am very happy to introduce Bala to you and how you can access her.

The reason why you are coming to this program is not because you made a conscious decision, it is because of your soul, which is somehow pushing you to come and benefit from this knowledge because this is the ultimate knowledge, the ultimate power, represented by this Goddess Bala.

She is going to change your consciousness. She is going to give you incredible wisdom and energy, powerphysical, mental, and spiritual power. That is why we go to her, and she has decided to reveal herself to the world. That is why I am teaching this to you.

The Child Goddess Bala Is the Most Powerful

“The Hindu tradition says that the feminine is more powerful than the masculine. This is part of the discovery of the Goddess tradition. The Mega Goddess is called Lalitha Parameshwari. She is a fully grown woman Goddess. Bala is a junior version of Lalitha. Now I want to answer the question why this girl Goddess Bala is so powerful. 

Between the woman and the girl, the girl is more powerful.

Why the Siddha Masters Kept Her a Secret

“The Siddha Masters kept the secret of Bala to themselves and only passed on to the closest disciples because when you deal with her, you are dealing with a tremendous amount of power to influence nature to do whatever you want. She is the Goddess who combines all the three traditional Goddesses, which are Parvati, Saraswati, and Lakshmi. That is why Bala is the Goddess for the Siddhas.

But, the laypeople are egocentric by nature. They do not know how to use the powers intelligently. That is why the Siddhas always kept the secret to themselves and to people whom they could trust. This is the main reason Bala has been kept secretive. How to worship her even today remains secretive.  

I was initiated into Bala 45 years ago by a Siddha Guru. That Guru was a professor who wrote 200 books. He never taught anyone except me, and he said that ‘We have to give it to only people who are eligible.’ That is the kind of guy he was.

I am breaking away from the tradition, even going far beyond that. The Goddess triggered me to do this. 

I have never done this before.

Goddess Bala’s Most Powerful Mantra Revealed for the First Time

“Bala is responding to these sounds, or mantras, and this is the first time I am revealing them. They are the most powerful sounds to invoke and experience her. She has been here all the time, but now she said that she would come and help and that she is responding to prayers.

I welcome all of you to participate in the program and be committed, and you will receive information that is very vital for you.” - Dr. Pillai

Bala: The Secret Siddha Goddess Program

Receive Initiation to Gain Ultimate Power, Knowledge, and Wisdom 

How You Can Benefit

In this new program from Dr. Pillai, you will receive initiation into secrets of Bala Tripura Sundari who represents the supreme consciousness called Siddhi.

As an initiate, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Quiet the mind and control your emotional state within minutes
  • Activate the pineal gland / third-eye complex
  • Open your body and brain to experience the highest Siddhi consciousness
  • Experience immense physical, mental, and spiritual energy
  • And more

Learn The 4 Step Process

In the program, you will have an opportunity to receive access to a 4-step process to invoke and experience Bala’s power as your own.

Modify the Breath to Quiet the Mind

“This Goddess tradition is called ‘Shri Vidya.’ It means ‘the knowledge of the Shri.’ Shri is the Goddess. Shri Vidya puts a lot of emphasis on breath. You can change any state of mind, whether you are excited, angry, or emotionally charged and cannot do anything about it, and so forth.  Within a minute, or even less, you will find that you are able to control your mind, your moods. It is a great mood-changing technology. 

Instantaneously you will see your mind gets into a quiet state. How do you know? The thoughts are not flooding. Maximum within three minutes, it will definitely, definitely quiet down. Number two, you will experience some very deep level of non-ordinary consciousness.

This is a technique that you may want to do prior to doing any meditation for that matter. That will quiet the mind, then you can go to meditate.” - Dr. Pillai

Synthesize the Body & Environment with a Special Light Frequency

“This is a very powerful light. We will merge it inside the pituitary gland in between the two eyebrows and then into the pineal gland right above it, in the midbrain. This color frequency will change your pineal gland. It is already very photosensitive. It is the psychic part of the brain, the third eye. It changes, time, space,  and your knowledge base. It is the part of the brain that you experience Siddhi, the supernatural consciousness. The light will then radiate from the third eye, which is the pineal gland, and into the whole brain and body.” - Dr. Pillai

Initiate Pineal Gland & Brain with Secret Sound Waves

“In this step, I am going to introduce you to the sounds, the mantra for Bala. They are very simple sounds but they are the most powerful ones to invoke and experience Bala. She will respond to these secretive sounds of hers. I am going to chant and these sounds to directly go into your third eye. It is an initiation. I am going to request her to go into your third eye. This will open up your brain, giving you access to the highest consciousness, Siddhi consciousness, supernormal consciousness, that incredible energy which is physical, mental, and spiritual.” - Dr. Pillai

Invite Bala’s Blessings Through Prayer

“Now you will pray to Bala to give you supernormal powers, to empower your brain, to give you incredible physical, mental, and spiritual energy. She will respond.”- Dr. Pillai

What You Receive

Teaching Initiation with Dr. Pillai

You will receive access to Dr. Pillai’s full video teaching where you will have the opportunity to receive visual initiation called Darshan, and sound initiation known as Mantra Deeksha. The video teaching is broken down into two parts. In part one Dr. Pillai reveals secretive teachings about Bala and the Divine feminine, and in part two, Dr. Pillai leads you through a meditation using special sounds and mind-processes. 

Audio and Transcript Downloads

You will receive access to download the teachings, meditation, and all the mantra variations via MP3 files. You will also have the opportunity to download the full PDF transcript of the video teaching from Dr. Pillai.

Lifetime Access to Membership Portal

You will receive lifetime access to the Pillai Center Academy membership portal where you will be able to access all program content from anywhere in the world using a smart device and internet.

3 Group Teaching Calls

You will receive access to 3 group teaching calls with a Pillai Center teacher. Following a group experience of Dr. Pillai’s teachings and meditation, the teacher will lead the community through a group coaching session to summarize Dr. Pillai’s teachings and instructions, provide additional clarity, and also facilitate a Q&A.

Special Savings for the 2020 Grand Navaratri Proxy Powerspot Ceremonies

These ceremonies are targeted to compliment your program experience by helping you establish a deeper connection with the Goddess and invoke more profound results.

Dr. Pillai recommends pairing programs with proxy ceremonies like these for a complete approach to changing one’s karma. You now have the opportunity to enjoy more intimate blessings directly from the Goddess with special ceremonies that have been commissioned to help you receive the blessings of 13 supreme forms of the Goddess for ultimate power, prosperity, and wisdom, along with other Goddess who will be active during this time. They will be performed on your behalf in India by specialists and are targeted to take your program experience and benefits to a higher level. You have the opportunity to receive special savings on these ceremonies with your enrollment in the program.

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Join Bala: The Secret Siddhi Powers Goddess Program

Bala: The Secret Siddhi Powers Goddess Program

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  • Group Teaching Calls ($60)
  • Save up to 30% off Navaratri Ceremonies 

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